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Glimpse of Wild Wonder Prayers & Blessings

A Glimpse of Wild Wonder #treeprayers and #treeblessings

This week our Prayers and Blessings are on the theme of this weeks #treeteaching and #wildwisdom #soulstory

Tree Prayer

Oh Wild Wonder that crosses my path in my wandering from place to place awaken within me that wild place full of flowers and trees that knows no bounds. Let it flourish and bloom. Let my wild self wander and wonder unfettered by the 'shoulds' and 'oughts' of others neat and tidy thoughts. May the wild within wander with the wild without. Let the wildness spread its flowers across the land that humans will learn to live in harmony with the world. Let the wonders of the wild that come make their mark upon my heart.

Goddess Prayer

Cerridwen Keeper of the Cauldron, Moon Guide and Threshold Tender, let us sip your magical brew that we might become inspired with love, with poetry, with beauty, that we might better see this wild wonder world from which they spring. Let these things be the radiant hearts that bloom as flowers within each being. May we humans learn to tend the bowl of the earth as you, that we too might gain radiant brows.

Wild Wonder Blessing

Bless the Wild Wonder within and without. Let it wander unfettered by fences. Let it bloom as flowers beneath the trees, and let those trees that guard them so tenderly live long lives. May the moons' bowl be ever present, bright and shining, with the ebb and flow of the life-giving seasons. Oh beautiful crocus with your delicate dishes so full of pollen, may you continue to rise each year from the dark earth, spreading your gentle inspiration far and wide. May the bees who kiss your heart continue to be dusted with gold. Your radiance shines with love and inspires humans to kneel down with wonder. May the ground forever be green that you may flower in freedom.

Blessings Amanda Claire x


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