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The Big Green DirecTree

A Green Eco Friendly Directory of Sustainable Businesses Provided by Members of Ancient And Sacred Trees. What's your passion? Send us a blog article about why you love trees and how this fits with your ethical business.

(Please note; This is a service provided to our members but inclusion here does not constitute endorsement unless clearly stated.)


Celebrating the miracle and beauty of nature.

Arts & Crafts, Painters, Weavers, Musicians, Sculptors, Woodturners, Jewellers &  more.

Come see our wonderfully talented members!


Knowledge is power. Bush crafters, planet guides, survival guides and more. 


Happy people make the world a better place. Those connected to mental health & well being - counsellors, meditators, life coaches, women's & men's groups & more. Connect to yourself and your home, this earth. 


Caring for this earth is the greatest thing we can do. Small local groups, eco projects, community gardens & more who like us work for free.


For physical health & getting outdoors.

Healers, yoga classes, mountain guides, walkers & lots more. I am also including healthy eating etc here because we are what we eat. Awareness of the food chain has a direct impact on the planet. 

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