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Tree Planting With Volunteer Run Ancient and Sacred Trees Ltd Not-For-Profit.

  • Our AST logo incorporates a tree, two faces and a bird in recognition of the symbiotic relationship all life has, including humans. 

  • The AST logo also represents the relationship we wish wider society to cultivate with the living world.

  • The AST logo represents our Green and Growing CommuniTrees.

SustainabiliTree with Ancient and Sacred

Together we nurture our Green and Growing CommuniTree planting trees and saving the lives of countless animals including us humans.  

Caring for our planet and caring for each other, especially for the poorest among us, is a win, win, because we:

  1. We give nature back its voice and the right to life

  2. Increase habitat for endangered species, many of our fellow creatures are in the verge of extinction

  3. Improve the health of the oceans by planting mangrove trees

  4. Mitigate climate change through carbon capture

  5. Take pollution out of the air as the trees filtrate the air by absorbing the toxins

  6. Balance the rights of men and women by hiring and empowering women as tree planters and managers

  7. Empower men, women and children by providing income, meaningful work and a better environment to live in.

  8. Provide a steady income to families who are now able to afford an education for their children

  9. Ensure food security for local communities by making sure 10% of the trees planted are agroforestry species in projects designed for human and trees to work together. The other 90% are regenerating forest, rewilding the land.

  10. Educate and inspire others to protect and care for the living world around them. This upholds our motto ‘Educate Don’t Denigrate’. All of us everywhere are learning and being inspired each day.

  11. Use Love as activism. As we become inspired we fall in love with the world. What we love we protect.

  12. Preserve history and culture unique to each area of our world, celebrating cultural diversity and a deeper more meaningful connection with the landscape we find ourselves in.

  13. This in turn leads to a much deeper understanding of the local and world ecology we are a part of.

  14. Celebrate the common ground we all stand upon for a Green Growing CommuniTree.

  15. We love Mother Earth!

When you destroy trees, you destroy life!

Ancient and Sacred Trees is planting trees because we need to help the other beings we share this planet with. We need to change our mindset from one of walking on the earth to one of walking with the earth. Trees have many ancient names such as the 'Standing Nation' that describe our once respectful relationship with them. While it is true that in order to live other beings must die, we humans must learn to recognise our place within a living breathing ecosystem. Humans have a lot to re-learn. 

Trees provide a habitat for animals (including humans), purify water sources, control flooding and erosion, control the climate and help to replenish the soil with nutrients needed for farming. When farms fail the farmers have no option but to move to cities looking for work. They and their families become vulnerable to slavery, selling themselves just to survive. Thus the cycle of suffering and destruction continues as people lose the last vestiges of their native culture and connection with the land. Possibly the best known symbol across the world, The Tree of Life sums up succinctly the special nature of trees.


In learning to have greater respect for trees and stepping forwards to help them, we are creating a Green and Growing CommuniTree.

We believe in Beauty As Activism - when you help people feel good you empower them to do more

Want to know about our accountability? look here

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