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Ancient and Sacred Trees Accountability

Ancient and Sacred Trees (AST) Planting Trees Across the World for a Green and Growing CommuniTree™.

Sophie Marsden on behalf of Facebook and their Grow The Future Campaign - "Ancient and Sacred Trees ... is a great example of a group that allows people to connect with other like minded people who care about their environment and sustainability."

Rob McBride Tree Hunter well known tree conservationist - "Thanks for all you do for our trees .. You are a Tree Angel"


The Late Channel 4 TV Star Dr Dawn Gibbins MBE - "Amanda Claire Vesty Bless you for creating the Ancient and Sacred Trees of Britain Group to enlighten and connect us. I recommend everyone join this group!" 

The Mission

Ancient and Sacred Trees CommuniTree supports tree projects across the world. In the UK supporting the people who do the real work in grassroots planting & protection projects rather than so-called 'charities' with overpaid fat-cat administrators.  In the Tropics projects run by 8BillionTrees and Eden Reorestation Projects hire the poorest of the poor to grow, plant, and guard to maturity, native species forest on a massive scale. This “employ to plant methodology” results in a multiplication of positive socio-economic and environment measures. This is a win, win, for the forest and the people. This changes trees from just being a 'resource' to being partners in the economy and community.


The mission for the tree planting projects is to provide fair wage employment to impoverished villagers as agents of global forest restoration. In this way the safeguarding of the trees is guaranteed in a fully documented exchange between them, government agencies and villagers. In supporting this mission Ancient and Sacred Trees is a part of this exchange. We are partners in empowering people for planet for a Green and Growing CommuniTree.

Eden tree Planting charity says about Ancient and Sacred Trees

 "Your connection with nature is really incredible. The idea of using a Facebook group to plant trees is also super unique and cool! We feel that you are a great partnership fit "  

Eden is a model for environmental restoration and land management, lifting people out of extreme poverty, while keeping overhead costs low. Eden is recognized as one of the most cost-effective reforestation projects on the planet.


Statement by Ancient and Sacred Trees Founder Amanda C Vesty

“I am delighted and honoured that our Ancient and Sacred Trees is protecting and planting trees across the world to promote our Green and Growing CommuniTree vision for people and planet.

Rob MCBride Tree Hunter
Save The Oaks Logo
Eden & AST Accountability logos.

A Fair Exchange

The Ancient and Sacred Trees CommuniTree is one where we support each other. All members are expected to uphold our mission and ethos for 'A Green and Growing CommuniTree' for people and planet open to all. This also applies to the ethical eco items we sell to plant trees.

For digital products

The ecards and certificates are currently hand personalised unpaid with all profits being donated to tree planting and protection.

For analogue products​

  • We aim to raise money to protect people and planet by supplying ethically sourced eco products while raising money to plant trees.

  • We aim to provide good value for money for good quality products produced to ethical and ecological standards that align with our ethics.

  • The production of our eco friendly items has been throughly and carefully traced from source to finished product.

  • People employed to make our products are fairly paid, raw materials are from sustainable sources are used and processed without toxins and any waste materials are fully recycled. You can find out more about our tee shirts in the blog. 

Our  CommuniTree raises money for the Ancient and Sacred Trees green and growing communitree . Ancient and Sacred Trees is run UNPAID. ALL tree planting & tree protection payments are fully tracked with receipts. The money it receives is paid out to plant and protect trees. The fully audited charity projects it supports have received the above awards.  

Ancient and Sacred Trees is a Not-For-Profit community run by volunteers protecting and planting trees while encouraging good health and well being for people and communities of humans and other animals.

Forest Heart is the newsletter by our founder. Paid subscribers fund tree planting as well as recieving perks. 

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