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Come sit with us and share your love of trees. We come from ALL walks of life including scientific and spiritual. From tree huggers to tree surgeons and everything in between. You can find a home here.

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Ancient and Sacred Trees

Developing over time. Please do get in touch if you have something to share.

A Wave Of Tulips at Wild Spirit Woods
PlanetTree Healing
Connecting people and planet for the benefit of all. Read the stories. Plant Trees with us!
Events, on and offline, inside and out. Insights into activities you can do at home.
Tree inspired Arts & Crafts including paintings, music, photos, poems, sculptures, stories, and more.
Re-wilding our native soul.
Sacred connections of all faiths and none. Connection with nature through trees. Native wisdom, history, folklore. What is sacred to you and why? We have a Tree Temple too.
Good news stories, uplifting tree quotes, celebrating trees. Positive
Action including petitions to save trees and tree plantings.
We CAN & DO make a difference. 


Ancient trees, tree education, book recommendations, advice on trees, woodland management, forestry, articles and insights.
Health & wellbeing, benefits of trees, mindfulness in nature, Forest Bathing, eco therapy, Wood Walking and more!
World Vision.  Trees from across the globe. Native wisdom, traditions and more.
Tree Spirit Wisdom
Plant medicine from the Standing Ones. The tree teachings and wisdom of trees.
Tulips By Sacred Birch Tree
Tree Vision
Switch on your Tree V.
On-The-Ground newsfeed from our headquarters at Wild Spirit Woods! Watch the saplings grow, see the guardians of the place.
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