Welcome To Tree Vision

Switch on the Tree V and be inspired.

This is in the acorn of an idea stage but I'm putting this here so you can what is germinating underground. But in brief, films and podcasts of poetry, artwork, stories, meditations, musings and of course photographs and videos of the trees themselves and their surrounding landscapes and communities. 

Who is this for? Like Tree Tours, which is a collection of videos by members, this will be a wonderful resource for those who can't get outside. But more than this a wellspring of inspiration and wellbeing for all of us. 

If I could wish for anything what would it be? .... the money to buy a drone, a better camera and a microphone for starters. 

What gave me the idea? Well it's something I've been thinking about for a long time actually and came out of setting up Tree Tours here using videos made by members. In general Tree Tours videos are pretty short usually 30 secs to a couple of minutes of direct video sharing members experiences out in nature. I then thought of a 24/7 newsfeed from a woodland but the reality seemed to be too expensive to achieve. So then I thought of TreeV programmes instead. 

What I'd like to do with Tree V is have something more all encompassing. All tree related films, longer with music and images. A weaving in of many things but with trees as the starting point to explore from. 

There are loads of tree charities out there and groups too but I think what has always made us special is our personal connections with trees and wider nature.


I think this exploration is key in getting more and more people to connect with the land and all of the living things on it. So I'm going to suggest that this is not a journey with an end in sight but an ongoing exploration of what it means to be human, and also what it might mean to be something other, like a tree. So yes, there will be education, you will be able to see films about different kinds of trees, young trees, ancient trees, famous trees ... but also something less 'tidy' and less labelled .... again something about the personal, the imaginal, the experiential and the wondrous .


There are lots of tree experts who can tells us how tall, how wide, how old a tree is and that is something fine and good to do ... but maybe as well as looking in from the outside perhaps we could look from the inside as well ..... imagine that.