Courting Beauty is Rebellion and Love The Revolution

Quote from Amanda C Vesty

This is a different kind of activism in a world that does not encourage love and beauty. People will only protect what they love so this is what AST is all about.

  • We celebrate the common ground we all stand upon, we celebrate our communiTree, our love of trees. 

  • We celebrate our ancient and sacred connections with trees and nature.

  • We are cultural change makers.

  • We plant and protect trees

The bottom line here is that unless we do this form of activism people won't engage with the second form of activism below.

People will only protect what they love so spread the love!

Current Crowdfunder to protect thousands of Oak Saplings live here set up by Extinction Rebellion Rewilding coordinator and AST member James Murray White

Of course we do this traditional kind of AcTreevism as well. Members are actively encouraged to share petitions in the Facebook groups.

HS2: Here are links to all the camps that need support and more information

Trees and Tree Protection Why Ancient and Sacred Trees Is A Mighty Voice!

AST says NO to HS2! In the space of just one hour midweek on a Wednesday afternoon Amanda Claire's post led to over a signature a minute and 55 shares. AST is an INDEPENDENT voice for trees.

Ancinet and Sacred Trees Support The Cam

Here is a link to some extremely good armchair activism ideas for HS2 do click on the 3 Simple Steps Link Click Here

This is the link to the Stop HS2 page 

Here is the link for the Stop HS2 website

They will send a letter to your MP and the prime minister on your behalf you can also Sign up to join Chris Packham here:

Please support our member Janis Fry and her campaign to protect ancient yews.

Save the Scottish wildcat and many other rare animals by protecting Clashindarroch Forest! We want to save tigers and lions, it is inconceivable that this animal, nicknamed the 'Tiger Of The Highlands' should be driven to extinction

34 shares in just 1 hour save our life giving trees!

Sign here to protect the last 35 UK Wild Cats In Existence

To Help Cubbington go here

Sign up to join Extinction Rebellion here:

Ancient Tree Petition

We also support campaigns abroad. Although the UK Facebook group can only accept UK trees post we do sometimes make exceptions to share wider support for such disasters as the Australian bushfires.


Campaigns are very welcome in the other groups across the world too

Lucy Baker January 1 at 4:21 PM 2020

"Thank you all so much for your outpouring of love towards our apocalyptic situation here in Australia."

Ancient and Sacred Trees Support Austral
Support For Australia at Ancient and Sac

This link has been recommended by a friend in Australia.

Donate Here For Australia wildlife

Myself and the moderating team work hard to make sure members see petitions and campaigns. This takes us very many hours a week that we fit in around our families, jobs, and many other responsibilities.

Campaigns that we have actively supported or supporting are:

  • Save the Brimmon Oak campaign instigated by AST member Mervyn Lloyd Jones

  • The ongoing campaign to get legal protection for ancient yew trees by AST member Janis Fry - see one of my blog posts on this subject here

  • The ongoing HS2 campaign

  • Numerous local campaigns such as in Bristol aided by Lawyers for Nature founded by AST member Paul Powesland

  • Stop The Badger Cull - my blog post here

  • Stop Netting of Trees and Hedges in nesting season - see my blog post here

Treespect CIC led by Rob McBride Tree Hunter works with communities to educate them about how best to protect their trees. Treespect was first on the ground at the Sheffield trees massacre way before the big charities. AST is very proud to support them. Jack In The Green Ethical Gift shop donates in support of Treespect.

There is also an onsite DirecTree so charity campaigns are being added over time. This website is run on a voluntary unpaid basis so this make take a little while to build up. Offers of help will be gladly accepted.

Our other Facebook groups are growing and we encourage members to share world campaigns in those groups. 

The moderating team are all volunteers and they work tirelessly to care for the online groups.

More Information Will Be Added To This Page so visit again when we have more links added. 

Reload the website each time you visit to make sure you get the latest updates.