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Netting Trees and Hedgerows and What You Can Do To Help Stop It.

Developers are attempting to circumvent the wildlife act by netting trees and hedgerows.

In Solihull the shopping centre has experienced a backlash from furious residents as beautiful cherry trees in full flower were covered in huge nets.

This isn’t just about the trees, it is about all of the wild life that they support. Photographs are appearing online of dead birds tangled in the nets.

According to the RSPB here in the UK, we have lost more than 40 million birds in the past 50 years.

The RSPCA receives about 2,600 calls every year about animals caught in netting, though many of these relate to sports netting, which can easily ensnare foxes. There are also examples of birds being trapped by netting on buildings designed to deter nesting and prevent them from blocking gutters.

We are enslaving nature and exterminating it when it makes its bid for freedom. Denying our fellow creatures the right of freedom to nest, the freedom to make homes, the freedom to eat, the freedom to live.

The Daily Mail commented recently

“Is there any more horrible symbol of man’s treatment of his fellow creatures?”

Dormice and other protected species are at risk of becoming trapped in the blanket netting along with badgers, deer and bats.

Netted Hedge

As you can see here there is a danger of animals and birds getting trapped.

In some places developers are putting nets on before they have even gained planning permission.

In some areas however the netting has simply vanished overnight.

Hedgerows are distinctive features of the countryside, are often of considerable historic interest and support a great diversity of plant and wildlife species. Their role in conserving and enhancing biological diversity is recognised in the UK biodiversity action plan. Many hedgerows date back to the first enclosure of the land and may incorporate other historic features such as ancient earthworks, parish or old property boundaries.

“We have seen no evidence that this technique works, and as ecologists we are of the opinion that it is very unlikely to prevent birds nesting in the hedgerows. We are also of the opinion that this technique could cause negative impacts to birds and a wide range of faunal species that utilise the hedges". said Natural England and Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

One furious Solihull resident wrote on Twitter: "Humans pretending they own this planet. Whereas, in fact, they are destroying it for themselves, for their offspring and for all other species. Sickening."

What can we do to stop this?

#PositiviTree Number 1

Well, you can sign the petition link below. Trust me when I say that every signature counts. Here are the facts…

Government responds to all petitions that get more than 10,000 signatures

At 100,000 signatures, this petition will be considered for debate in Parliament

#PositiviTree Number 2

Never underestimate the power of social media

Hashtag everything you write on the subject and make sure you put the setting for those posts as public… like this #notreenetting #TreesInNeed #saveourhedgerows #boycott and then the name of the company etc This will help this subject to go ‘viral’ meaning it will quickly seed all over the internet.

Share everywhere, in as many groups, friendship circles and social media platforms as you can.

#PositiviTree Number 3

Never underestimate the power of YOUR pound. Threaten to boycott local stores who chop down trees and rip up hedgerows.

PositiviTree Number 4

You may also be interested in a new organisation called ‘Wild Justice’ founded by Wild Justice, a not-for-profit company set up by Chris Packham, author, blogger and campaigner Dr Mark Avery and blogger, researcher and wildlife campaigner Dr Ruth Tingay Wild Justice has been set up to defend wildlife. If you would like to support Wild Justice visit them here.

#PositiviTree Number 5

Share this article so that people can be informed.

This website celebrates trees and our relationships with them. PlanetTree Healing in Action - Green Tree Singing Bird project aims to safe guard good mental health while helping the planet. Happy people make the world a better place by looking after themselves, each other and becoming more aware of the world around them and protecting it.

It is FREE to join us and we won’t spam you.

#Positivitree Number 6

We all need to change our mindsets about how we choose to live. Even the smallest step is a step worth taking and can have immense cumulative effects. We are part of a greater whole, a small part of the ecosystem but having an immense impact upon it. It’s like living in a house while simultaneously digging out its foundations.

We don’t live on the land, we live WITH the land.

Here in the Ancient and Sacred Tree group we recognise this.

We are a CommuniTree with PositiviTree.

Be the positive action for change you want to see!

Thank you for reading and taking positive action.

With blessings from Amanda Ancient and Sacred Trees Group Founder


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