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Sacred Tree Singing Bird, Tree Planting and Protection Mission

A Green and Growing Community

A Vision for Tree Planting and Protection For Woodland, WildLife and Well Being

'Happy People Make The World A Better Place'.

 This is the AST campaign for cultural change. 

An attempt to reclaim our ‘native soul’ what some call indigenous or aboriginal soul.

In Tree terms we could call it our 'Rooted Soul'.

That part of us that connects to nature & each other that is so often forgotten. It is also about something that indigenous tribes call ‘wild land dreaming’. The land has a relationship with us and we with it. The fact that we have mostly forgotten this has led to disastrous consequences for the environment & our communities.

Let us cultivate that great tree and call in that sweet singing bird. 

We Are celebrating and Planting Trees For A Green and Growing 'CommuniTree'!

Ancient and Sacred Trees Accountability

“It may be that some little root of the sacred tree still lives. Nourish it then that it may leaf and bloom and fill with singing birds! Hear me, that the people may once again find the good road and the shielding tree.” 

Wallace Black Elk: Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux 1863-1950

People will only protect what they love. 

The aim of this community is to engage people with nature through trees and themselves.

Too often people feel powerless to effect positive change but a community like this changes that.

We are not a faceless organisation, we are about people and nature.

It is by members, for members, for trees.

This is for you. 

This community has been set up as a FREE resource for the benefit of all.

Join us by subscribing to the newsletter or via the blog.

Re-Wild your Native Soul, Reconnect with Wild Land Dreaming.

Joanna Cardew I’m filled with admiration and never stop feeling grateful that I’ve joined this community. Trees save us from ourselves and give us a gateway into the miracle of reality


Tees Hegarty Just been accepted in to this community ... thank you.. feel like I have arrived home


Artist Jacqueline Attrill  "Thanks and bless you for setting up this group. It's one of my favourite places ..."

Kathleen O'Brien Blair "Just wanted to say how much I enjoy this group and all the beautiful pictures of trees and artwork that is here. :)"

Ian Simmons "... this group is like an oasis of tranquillity, creativity and beauty in an over-busy Facebook world."

Sharon Chambers "One of the lovely things about this group is the community feel, really good to see there is 0 tolerance towards bad behaviour.. Love this group its almost like a huge family ❤️"

Artist John Holliday  "Brilliant group!"

Ariane Sommer "So glad you are keeping this community a place of shared love and beauty and wonder. There is too much negativity out there as is and we need things that connect us instead of dividing us further. I love this group it makes me profoundly happy and gives me peace many times a day. And deepens the feeling that humanity will be OK in the end <3"

Kay Ross "This is the most inspirational and tranquil site ... I would just like to thank everyone who has posted the most wonderful images of trees, which just make my day x"

Susan Owens "Thank you for taking care of this special place."

Laura Lee "... We are celebrating the wonder and beauty of trees. I’m across the pond in the sad USA. I need this site to remain beautiful and peaceful."

Out in the forest dreams dormant lie, waiting to be claimed. It is here the ancient stories were born of bear and beauty, old wild women witching at the midnight hour and dragons dreaming. Here we find where we come from. Here is home. 

Linden Dragon By Amanda Claire Vesty_edi

The Linden Green Dragon - By Amanda C Vesty Inspired by Parzifal

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