FAQ for Members

  • How would this site be protected should its guardians leave/disappear for any reason? This site would continue online in perpetuity. It would be hosted by the web developer platform. The host name would change but the site would remain exactly the same. All content would remain unchanged.

  • AncesTree - How is this remembrance site protected? Please see above. This site will always remain online.

  • If I subscribe will my details be shared with anyone else? No they will not. Under GDPR it is the law that no site may share your details with anyone else without your permission.

  • Are all faiths and beliefs systems welcome here? Yes they are providing they are respectful towards trees, the environment and all beings.

  • Are people of all nationalities, faiths and cultures welcome here? Yes they are, we have members from all over the world. 

  • Is it free to join? Yes it is although extra paid membership levels may be introduced to help with fundraising to help trees and the planet.

  • DirecTree - Is Free to join for all ethical small businesses. AST not responsible for individual businesses and they are listed in good faith. This is an initiative to support AST members and the AST community as a whole.