Welcome to a Labour of Love In Progress 

Open to All Faiths and None. There are many paths through the forest to find the sacred tree and singing bird, simply enter the ones that call to you. Wishing you many blessings

 Amanda Claire, Founder, Forest Guide & Temple Keeper.

ReWild Your Soul

"Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come".

Some Questions For YOU...

Why is it that in the UK a Place of Worship is only recognised as being indoors?

Why is it you can only be officially  married at a registered building not outdoors in nature?

Why is it that we value manmade buildings more than nature?

Why is tree planting not at the top of every government agenda around the world

What does this say to you about the state of the world?

We are One with Trees, Nature, Land and Beings. Part of life's miracle we are at home in the world. Welcome to our ministree for all faiths and non celebrating our connections with trees, the earth and ourselves.

Films, meditations and more.

We Love & Remember through the Beauty of Trees & Land.

Welcome to our online memorial woodland site. Take a walk through beautiful images of love. Remember your own loved ones and heal the planet while you do. 

Let your tears flow they will make the flowers grow. 

I will update this sacred place regularly so be sure to revisit.

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