Welcome to the Ancient and Sacred Trees interfaith MinisTree where all faiths and none are welcome to explore the beauty of the Tree Of Life and finding Home in ourselves and nature.

See blog article here. You can now Plant the Sacred Trees of the Future with AST

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MinisTree Blog Articles

Celebrating the sacred individually and collectively through our relationships with trees and this Earth. Musings, learnings, journeys and celebrating the beauty of earth and life. 

Tree Meditations

Here is a collection of films for spiritual practise, self help for good mental health, connecting with individual trees and more. 

Ancient and Sacred Trees Ministry

Visits to Sacred Places  

Films by members of special places and their guardian trees.

Personal connection leads to love and people only protect what they love. 

We stand upon common ground.

Tree Tours

Films of trees, woodlands, wildlife and more.

Connection with nature is vital for our health and well being. Online connection is especially important for those who can't access outdoors or the countryside.