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Tree Planting Gifts by AST Members

Members small ethical businesses that fund tree planting with Ancient and Sacred Trees in the UK and the Tropics! it's a win win for people, Small businesses and trees! 

 Jack In The Green Retreats, Storyteller, Celebrant and Ethical Gifts

Tree Themed Gifts That plant Trees AT Jack In The Green Ethical Gift Shop

Luna Lotions and Potions 100% Natural and Handmade by AST Member Gaynor Stickels

Ethical Jewellery by AST Member Emma Wray

Earthly Offerings by Emma Wray

AST is delighted to present Tree by Author and Conservationist Melina Sempill Watts. This beautiful book by AST member Melina is deeply connected to nature and tells the story of an Oak Tree. 

AST is very happy to present AST member Geoff Robbs beautiful Album 'The Music Of The Trees'.

Last Wishes Live Your Legacy Ethical Eco Friendly Funeral Planning, Books and Courses
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