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 Plant Trees, A Copse, Grove, Wood or a Forest!

Plant Trees in the UK or in the Tropics!

Personalise our gift card with your loved ones' name and they can choose where to plant their trees.

In trying times, when we feel helpless and anxious about what is happening in the world, this is a way we can empower ourselves, our communities and Mother Earth while supporting our friends the Trees! 

Tree Planting Gift card.

Type in your own message. Every £5 plants one deciduous tree in the UK or 15 trees in the Tropics.

The person you send the card to will get to decide where they want to plant their tree/s. :-)

Ancient and Sacred Trees

Plant A Tree In The UK For A Fiver or 15 Trees In The Tropics With ancient and sacred trees.

Your Rewards Are:

Plant trees and get a thank you ecard and locations of where your trees are planted.

  • Plant a Grove, rewards above AND a shout out on social media.

  • Plant a Copse, everything above AND be featured in our newsletter as well as social media.

  • Plant a Wood, everything above AND  and get listed on our new Role of Honour.

  • Spend £50 or more and get FREE certification. AND the above.

(Certificate dated with AST founders' signature to upload to your website/social media or download and print. Dedicated to the person or business of your choice to honour your/their tree planting and protection.)

  • Spend £200 AND be featured in our newsletter banner for a month as well as the above.

  • Spend £500 AND be featured in our newsletter for a year with link to your business. (Ethical businesses only)

Tree, the inspirational book that plants an oak tree in the UK by Melina Sempil Watts 

Original Art Downloads That Plant A UK Broad Leaved Tree

Art by founder Amanda Claire as featured in blog articles and inspired by her sacred connection when meeting with trees.

 Tropical Tree Planting Hand supports Communities of trees and people - see our blog

Tree Planting and protection go hand in hand with rewilding for a green and growing 'CommuniTree'

Special Package

A personal accolade/blessing written for you by interfaith blessings giver and celebrant, our Ancient and Sacred Trees founder Amanda Claire Vesty. Two hundred tropical trees planted and a printable hand personalised Certificate.

Also available planting broad leaf Trees in the UK. You can add more trees.

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