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Wild Spirit Woods

A hidden haven between the Peaks and Plains In The Heart of the British Isles. 

A conservation habitat restoration project and our spiritual home in East Cheshire.

Tipi for hire raising funds for upkeep and to plant and protect trees.

Wild Spirit Woods
Ancient and Sacred Trees Planting and Protecting Trees
ASTC Co-Guardian Of Wild Spirit Woods, Congleton, East Cheshire.
Dawn with Oak Tree In Wild Spirit Woods.jpg
The Late Dawn De Vivre, Founder of Wild Spirit Woods


It was Dawns' wish for these woods to be kept wild with a meadow orchard and places where people could meet in friendship connecting with nature with our CommuniTree. 

Knowing our founder Amanda Claires' passion for trees and nature, and being a member of our community, Dawn was very keen to support our mission to celebrate, plant and protect trees and encourage sacred connection to nature for woods, wildlife and wellbeing. 

Together Dawn and Amanda discussed having a 'UniversiTree' on site, a place as a safe haven for wildlife but also providing retreats and workshops where people could meet and connect with trees and nature.

Our Home At Wild Spirit Woods

Spread over 5 acres Wild Spirit Woods is situated in the heart of the British Isles on the edge of the Peak District between the peaks and plains and with stunning views. Tons of rubbish have been removed with ongoing habitat restoration taking place including tree planting, pond creation and more.

The UK has approximately 11 to 13% tree cover making it one of the least wooded and most nature depleted countries in the world.  Wild Spirit Woods is especially important as it is sited just within Cheshire, one of the least wooded counties in the UK with less than 5% tree cover!

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The Orchard Meadow Garden

Begun by Dawn the meadow garden is now being tended to by her loving husband Lionel Cox and the ASTC volunteers. It is in the early stages with many saplings including native and fruit trees. Thousands of bulbs flower in the Spring. Magnolia trees surround a bench placed by Dawn to sit and look out over the Cheshire Plain. We have a stone circle and hearth created by Amanda Claire, our founder, complete with herb spiral designed and planted by her.  In time a pond, and other things, will be added. Just as Dawn wished for. 

The Wild Wood

Thronged with thousands of wildflowers, red campion, stitchwort, bluebells, wild garlic and more. Tiny paths wind through the trees. Humans are the guests here and are expected to tread very carefully. Small places will be created to contemplate the stream, flowers and trees.

A place to meet the more-than-human and the wild within and without.

Homes For Our Wild Friends

Homes for our wild friends will be created including owl, bat and bird boxes, insect hotels and a pond. Some brambles are being cleared to allow more flowers. The woods as far as possible being left undisturbed.

The Tipi

A huge beautiful tipi goddess temple sits among the trees. A place for us to come together in CommuniTree.

Later a small wood cabin for winter with wood burner will be set up too.

Our founder Amanda Claire will hold a couple of retreats here later in 2023 where you will be able to meet your fellow members face to face and deepen your connections with Mother Nature and the Trees.

Naturally every place funds tree planting and protection with us.


Dawn Speaking in her own words to Founder

Amanda Claire

Featuring Whats App video messages to Amanda Claire 

Dedicated To Dawn

Dedication To Dawn from Amanda Claire.

Gifted to Dawn a couple of months before she died, this short film gives real insight into the beautiful soul that Dawn was and is.

Known for her philanthropy Dawn was featured in Channel 4's Secret Millionaire program. It was, as she said, a 'life changing experience'. Wild Spirit Woods was her last project.

Dawn leaves behind a living legacy and continues to inspire us all.

We express our Immense gratitude to Lionel Cox, her loving husband, who continues to lovingly tend her vision with love and dedication and without whom this wild seed, this germination of flowering possibilities, would be not possible.

To Book Wild Spirit Woods As A Venue

Wild Spirit Woods Tipi is available to book for likeminded individuals and groups subject to approval. Passcode to book and pay will be given once approved. Fees go towards upkeep of the site and to fund tree planting and protection.

For free events by unpaid  leaders for Volunteer Run organisations there will be No Charge.

(Donations however small are appreciated).

To enquire please fill in the BLUE form here thank you.

To Book see here BUT please do NOT pay for your booking until you have spoken to us as this is subject to approval

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