Wild Spirit Woods

A hidden haven between the Peaks and Plains In The Heart of the British Isles. 

Wild Spirit Woods
Ancient and Sacred Trees Planting and Protecting Trees
Woodland Co-Guardian Of Wild Spirit Woods

Ancient and Sacred Trees is a volunteer run not for profit community celebrating and funding planting and protecting trees.  AST provides advice and organises volunteers and open days days to help take care of Wild Spirit Woods near Congleton in East Cheshire, including the orchard meadow and woodland.

Dawn with Oak Tree In Wild Spirit Woods.jpg
Dawn De Vivre Founder of Wild Spirit Woods


It was Dawns' wish for these woods to be kept wild with a meadow orchard where people could meet in friendship and connect with nature. 

The Orchard Meadow Garden

Begun by Dawn the meadow garden is being continued by her loving husband Lionel Cox. It is in the early stages with many saplings including native and fruit trees. Thousands of bulbs flower in the Spring. Magnolia trees surround a beautiful bench placed by Dawn to sit and look out over the Cheshire plain. In time a labyrinth, a pond and other things will be added. Just as Dawn wished for.

The Wild Wood

Thronged with thousands of wildflowers, red campion, stitchwort, bluebells, wild garlic and more. Tiny paths wind through the trees. Humans are the guests here and are expected to tread very carefully. Small places will be created to contemplate the stream, flowers and trees.

A place to meet the more-than-human and the wild within and without.

Homes For Our Wild Friends

Homes for our wild friends will be created including owl, bat and bird boxes, insect hotels and a pond. Some brambles are being cleared to allow more flowers. The woods as far as possible being left undisturbed.

To Book Wild Spirit Woods As A Venue

Wild Spirit Woods Tipi is available to book for likeminded individuals and groups. Passcode to book and pay will be given upon approval