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Welcome to AncesTree, remembering and honouring those who have passed on.

Take a walk in our beautiful online memorial woodland.

Honour your loved one by planting a tree with us and sharing their memory here online. 

Grief is an expression of love. Here we celebrate that love through beauty, honouring our connection with the earth for PlanetTree Healing.

Ancestor Gateway.

"Let your tears fall to the earth, the land needs our tears".

My dear friend Anna, now passed on from this world, once said this to me. In honour of her, and as way to offer PlanetTree Healing in Action, I have set up this online memorial woodland. Have your memorial 'planted' here for free. 

Thank you and Blessings. 

From Amanda C Vesty, Group Founder & Tree Temple Keeper

AncesTree is founded in honour of my dear friend Anna Ziman  - Open To The Goddess, who walked the Good Road empowering women and healing the land. 

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