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Mabon Tree Prayers and Blessings

Following on from the Equinox Oak tree teaching and Mabon wild wisdom story.

Blessings for Mabon

May your joy spring eternal, ever flowing towards the light. May you be the light shining unhindered casting illumination and inspiration over all you survey. Let there be no hindrances, no shadows to cast shade upon your golden visage. May you be an inspiration for children and youth everywhere and the world be a safe play light filled place for them to play. May the source of things reach the light of your understanding.

These interfaith prayers and blessings celebrate our sacred connection with nature and the living miracle of our planet Earth. You can add the name of your god/dess as appropriate and to add with greetings and endings as you wish, for example ending with Amen or Blessed Be etc etc. Be it positive psychological programming through gratitude or a magical offering, it is up to you to decide. They are based on the tree teachings and wild wisdom stories. Please credit me if you wish to use them. Thank you. 
AST focuses on positiviTree for all inspired by trees and nature. We are a green and growing CommuniTree and together we are a forest of love and friendship. You can join us for free here on this website. If you wish you can make a prayer or blessing while planting trees via this site. Subscribe to the blog or newsletter to stay in touch.

Tree Prayer

Great Oak may you never know the flash of the fire and stand cool under wide skies with the sun shining overhead. May balance be found in the world that means peace for you and your wild friends. Let there be space for you to grow and spread your branches wide. Come autumn may your acorns find deep rich soil to grow in tall, wide, and strong, a great forest the like of which humans have not seen in centuries. Just as your branches are heavy with acorns in Autumn, may you always be bough laden with blessings .


May we humans learn to become as deep rooted as the oak, at one with the land. Me we learn to shine without burning all we touch. Let us cultivate the childlike wonder within that we may journey onwards with the child’s heart, innocent, joyful, and wondering in our wanderings. When we light fires may they be ones to sit telling stories around not ones that destroy whole worlds of woods. May the light touch our hearts and bring into balance all that lies within each of us.

Amanda Claire

My articles take time and energy to research and write. I ‘pass the hat around’ and invite you to 'put a penny in the hat' :-).

I live with a disability and I'm passionate about enabling people to 'Live With Art And Soul.'

I'm the founder of Ancient and Sacred Trees, an MA Archaeology student, artist, teacher, healer and land guide. I love trees, history and the healing power of Mother Nature and sacred connection.


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