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Equinox Oak Tree Teaching

Mabon Equinox Oak Medicine

Returning from my walk with Bella along a nice a flat stretch of canal I approached the church when there to the right, one of my favourite trees caught my eye. A great gentle oak stands overlooking a gate, small beneath. Last year someone unthinking lit a great bonfire fire near it and the flames leapt up sending plumes of smoke through the whole tree and on one side great swathes of leaves crisped curled brown by the heat silent testimony to a fools’ errand. Thankfully this year grown full, green canopied once again.

Oak tree with the sun shining through its branches
Equinox Oak Holding The Light

Beneficent Being

Each time I walk past this beneficent being, they seem to lean forward as they say hello in kindly greeting. Dog walkers and worshippers at the church next door walk by while gazed down upon by this stately tree. Today my friend has caught the light in their branches. I am so entranced by this glittering light I stop for a time indeterminate. The leaves creating multiple patterns, sky revealed and concealed.

Silence and Stars

There is no chatter from narrow boaters, no murmur from church goers, nor sounds from local villagers going about their daily business, mowing, cooking, cleaning, and gossiping on the little lane nearby. Not even the birds are singing. It is as though the world has stopped for this brief time as the heavens arc and the stars are held still before the wheel turns once more and we are sent from summer into autumn.

Gentle September Day

The sky is blue and the sun, bright. It is one of those gentle September days, an Indian Summer. The world is green-darkened by weeks in the sunshine and still neat clipped and fruitful. Only the lime is shedding its yellow leafy seeds. Aside from that the world is holding its breath. And there in gentle presence is my friend holding the sun aloft beaming. Balanced in the branches the light of the day. The tree spreading their branches out in a warm embrace of every living thing. Expansive, open hearted and warm. We stand there, Oak Tree and I, still in the warm air basking in the light. Everything is still.

Tree Teaching

There, the plant medicine tree teaching, to stand as a tree does, at peace in the still air, gently breathing and keeping in balance our lives. To be like the trees, not burning all we touch but, witnessing instead.

Amanda Claire

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I'm the founder of Ancient and Sacred Trees, an MA Archaeology student, artist, teacher, healer and land guide. I love trees, history and the healing power of Mother Nature and sacred connection.

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