Cauldron of Flowers Under The Trees

Tending Treasures and Nature Connection at Llyn Allaw, Anglesey.

Two weeks of relentless busyness without a minute to myself after months of slog and I'd had enough. Then I found myself at Llyn Allaw, a site of special scientific interest, in the heart of Anglesey, Ynys Mon

The Kindly Willow

Willow tree on the edge of llyn Allaw
The Kindly Willow

A kindly willow watched over me as I lay back beneath, among the wild water mint, woodruff and reeds, the water lapping at my feet. Having gone for a quick lie down in the water Bella has come to lie on the rug next to me. There is not a cloud in the sky and all is quiet, aside from the odd buzz from a fly and the occasional bird chirp. It is too hot to do anything, and to be frank, I have come to a stop.

The Still and the Silent

After the after the hurly burly and hustle bustle I welcome the still and the silent.

It is heaven.

Much as I love people, and I do, I need the time alone to recoup and recharge.

Here I am, lay on the ground on 'Mam Cymru', the Mother of Wales' old bones. Llyn Allaw is a reservoir but I am sure there must have been a lake here originally.

Willow Tree by Llyn Allaw on a quiet still sunny day
Willow Watching Over The Waters

Lake Treasures

I am imaging golden torcs arcing out into the into blue before swinging down into the depths The lake has fresh water mussels, a rare and protected species that thrive only in the freshest and cleanest of waters. I see their pearlescent inner shells glimmering in the water.

Green ridged on the outside, the empty ones are pearly white on the inside their secrets given up to whatever birds and other predators that have eaten them. These are the true treasures of the lake surrounded by thousands of flowering jewels ensconced between willows and alders.

Hidden Jewel