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Green Tree Singing Bird - Ways to cultivate the Green and Growing within.

“Keep a Green Tree In Your Heart and Perhaps a Singing Bird Will Come.”

For People: We know that happy people make the world a better place.

For Planet: We know that our Green and Growing CommuniTree has a voice in the world.

“It may be that some little root of the sacred tree still lives. Nourish it then that it may leaf and bloom and fill with singing birds! Hear me, that the people may once again find the good road and the shielding tree.”

Wallace Black Elk: Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux 1863-1950

Blue Tit and flowering apple tree
Blue Tit and Apple Blossom

Encouraging The Green and Growing Tree Within.


The world needs us to go within as well as walking our talk. Slow your pace and reduce your endless doings. The world will not stop because you have ceased your activities. When we are quiet we see how the animals and birds come out to play.


Connecting with how we feel inside is the first step to growing a more resilient green tree within. Take each day as it comes. In winter know that spring will eventually come. In storms wait for them to pass and know that a gentle sky will appear. We see how flowers can close their petals at night only to reopen them in the morning.

Reduce stress

The endless demands we put on ourselves leave little time for ease. Take time to go out in nature, it helps to put things into perspective. This will help you prioritise what is important. We see how the busy road brings noise. We notice how lush the vegetation is where soil lies undisturbed.


Be kind to yourself first and foremost. Kindness is so often an undervalued quality yet its’ actions are very powerful. Be kind to others. Make the attempt to be kind to the earth by treading lightly. Protect the wild flowers by sticking to the footpath! Small things do make a big difference. We see how narrow pathways mean more space for flowers to bloom.


Be discerning in the company you keep. Join us and be a part of our CommuniTree. ‘PositiviTree for CommuniTree’ is our ethos. This doesn’t mean we ignore challenging feelings and situations. It means we are supportive and respectful of others feelings. It means we look for positive actions and positive solutions. We live in tough times so being around others who share your values can really help you feel better about yourself and the world. We see how trees work together for the good of their group.

Say No

Mother Nature encourages us to make clearer, healthier boundaries in our lives. We can say no to the things we feel are not good for us or good for the trees and the planet. We can do this by saying no in our personal lives. We see what invasive species can do to local plants. We tend our gardens, we can tend our lives too. We can also say no via petitions that take a stand against the destruction of trees and nature. We see what the impact of money over matter has done to the planet. We see that together we have power to make positive change.


Seeing wonder in simple pleasures. The sight of a crocus, a trees’ leaves fluttering in the wind, a walk listening to birdsong. These are the things in life that matter. These are your magical moments.

The saying “Keep a Green Tree In Your Heart and Perhaps a Singing Bird Will Come.” originates in China.

 tomb of Prince Li Xuan, Qianling mausoleum. Tang Dynasty Mural. China
The tomb of Prince Li Xuan, Qianling mausoleum. Tang Dynasty Mural. China



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