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Dawn of New Beginnings

Tulips and Trees.

Wandering among the tulips I saw them as little shouts of joy from Mother Earth. There they were, with the trees kindly looking over them. Newly emerging in into the light, banners of bright colours waving in the breeze. These egg cups of magic, a Spring blessing held in every one. The trees are slowly emerging too, leaf by leaf. The tulips flower in urgency but the trees take their time. For tulips their season is short and their flowers last seven to ten days with the leaves taking a few weeks to die back before the plants disappear into their bulbs.

Here they are yellow, red, orange, pink, purple, mauve, some multi petalled and some striped or splashed with colours. Some are large like goose eggs others small, and still others filly and petite. Some blush furiously. Yet others are big and blousy, brazen hussies displaying their wares. They appear almost indecent in their attempts to get the bees and fellow fliers to visit them.

I lean over to look inside the more tightly held flowers, parting their petals to look and inhale the sweet scent some hold secret within. Later these same modestly uptight tulips will give way with a sigh, opening up entirely, their skirts falling to the ground to reveal stamens and pistils erect with blatant seed pods ready to ripen. Oh! It is a love affair with life!

They are rampant rainbow splashes of colour brought about by rain showers and bowers of sunshine beneath trees arching overhead. The trees seem to be held in the sway of the tulips, protecting their beauty, the blooms like damsels at a ball being courted by gentlemen. The dresses of each trying to outdo the other. It is a vision of sight and sound and smell and touch and taste, sensual and utterly delightful.

Here I am at Wild Spirit Woods, a newly emerging vision also. The dream of my beautiful dearly departed friend Dawn. Now at one with these trees and flowers. I feel her in every joyful bloom, every unfurling leaf.

Ancient and Sacred Trees is deeply honoured to be entrusted with guardianship of this precious jewel. I see this inspired by the trees as teachers, the trees as guardians of the flowers. There is so much more to be said, but for now …. Just enjoy the tulips, who like my joyful, bright, vibrant friend, must depart for the earth.

This is the Dawn of beautiful new beginnings.


Amanda Claire x

AST is a volunteer run Not For Profit planting trees, please take a look at the shop. :-)

My articles take time and energy to research and write. I ‘pass the hat around’ and invite you to 'put a penny in the hat' :-).

I live with a disability and I'm passionate about enabling people to 'Live With Art And Soul.'

I'm the founder of Ancient and Sacred Trees, an MA Archaeology student, artist, teacher, healer, storyteller, forest bathing and land guide. I love trees, history and the healing power of Mother Nature and sacred connection.


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