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Dawn de Vivre, In Loving Memory

Remembering Dawn de Vivre (Dr Dawn Gibbins MBE)

On the day my beautiful friend Dawn De Vivre (formerly Dr Dawn Gibbins MBE) died, in the early hours I awoke to hear a bird singing extraordinarily loudly outside my window. As morning broke after her death, the day dawned bright and fair, the sun shone, and the birds sang with all their hearts, giving true meaning to ‘Dawn Chorus’.

Dawn de Vivre latterly Dr Dawn Gibbins MBE
Tree Loving Dawn In The Woods She Owned

In the evening the clouds turned pink and all was gilded in golden light in a delicately pale blue sky. Not a breath of wind, nothing stirred, and all was suffused with a gentle light. The day was filled with a stillness, a kind of grace and gentleness. It was as if the world knew, and had slowed down in her honour.

Wherever she went people like flowers, bloomed and blossomed in her wake.

Dawn was an Act-Of-Goddess.

My dear friend, it was an honour to have you entrust me with your ceremony and I endeavoured to serve you with all my heart. May the sun shine with love for you evermore.

Blessings upon you my dear friend, now and always.


Dawn was a valued member of our Ancient and Sacred Trees Community otherwise known as our 'CommuniTree'. She died as she lived, ethically. After an alternative eco friendly funeral she is now buried on private land preserved for our wild neighbours.

Trees will be planted for Ancient and Sacred Trees in her honour in the UK and the Tropics and the certificate gifted to her loving husband and family.

Blessings Amanda

If you would like to plant trees see our community shop here


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