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Ancient and Sacred Trees funds tree planting and protection around the world check out the shop to fund tree planting and protection or the Plant trees page for more information about places we fund.

To be featured here as a small charity or protection scheme send message via the contact page for details, also if you would like AST to fund your tree planting scheme.



Are tireless campaigners for trees particularly in urban areas, they spearheaded the campaign to save Sheffields street trees being the first to arrive on site. They are also able to offer advice on ancient trees. They also travel abroad and are part of the European Tree of The Year Campaign.  

AST ComuniTree Recommended!

Giving away Free trees. The climate and ecological emergency became even more pressing when in April 2020, The Times newspaper reported that 750,000 Oak saplings we to be burnt. The UK Government had reneged on its promise of a huge national planting scheme. Save The Oaks Campaign was created following unprecedented response from groups and individuals who have pledged to buy and plant these Oaks throughout the UK.

This project honours those who have lost their lives to Covid 19, to the 95% of all native ash trees dying or killed by dieback, and the trees destroyed for HS2.

We plant as an act of love, we rewild.

Sussex Green Living Logo

Sussex Green Living

A multi-award winning growing green network offering many climate mitigation solutions. Our mission is to inform, empower and inspire people to make more sustainable choices and encourage one world living, now and for future generations.

We encourage everyone to share ideas about how we can protect our planet and live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Extinction Rebellion Rewilding

Extinction Rebellion Rewilding

Real grass roots activism. Join their group on Facebook. 


Wild Justice

Wild Justice has been set up to fight for wildlife.  Threatened species can’t take legal cases in their own names but, with your help, we will stand up for wildlife using the legal system and seeking changes to existing laws.


Set up by Chris Packham Ruth Tigay and award winning conservationist and Mark Avery author, blogger and campaigner.

The objects of Wild Justice are:

  • Nature conservation, primarily in UK.

  • Advocacy to make UK laws, policies and practices more wildlife-friendly.

  • Use of UK legal system to further nature conservation objectives.

  • Encourage public participation in nature conservation issues.

Lawyers For Nature

Lawyers For Nature.

  • Tree protection

  • Environmental Activism

  • Injunctions

  • Rivers and Waterways.

Lawyers for Nature seeks to address one of the biggest issues in the law relating to nature protection and environmental activism, which is the prohibitive cost of legal advice and representation. Our members are highly skilled and qualified lawyers who are committed to offering their services in service to the natural world for significantly less than lawyers would usually charge. Our aim is that cost should not be a factor prohibiting the natural world receiving the legal protection that it needs. 


To seek our assistance in protecting the natural world, or to instruct us, please send an email to

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