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Health and Well Being With Trees and Nature

Health & well being through trees & nature. Do you bring VitaliTree? If you run activities such as dance, yoga, walking, mountaineering, forest bathing etc & If you would like to be featured here & shared on our business page, blog & weblink to your business please subscribe to us and send a message via the contact page for details. 

Forest Bathing Cheshire
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Forest Bathing by Amanda Vesty founder of Ancient and Sacred Trees.. South Cheshire & elsewhere by arrangement.

A regular on BBC Country File Tree Hunter Rob McBride leads tree walks in various places. He is also trained by Dr Quing Lee the godfather of Shirin Yoku - Forest Bathing. If you need advice on tree prtotection he is your go to specialist.

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The Nomad Mission: "To Lead a meaningful adventure and create an environment to explore skills, craftsmanship and native ancient culture whilst reflecting on personal challenges and aspirations in the form of a nomadic learning experience in the beautiful landscape of Snowdonia."

Antony Erti Suli
Wild woodland coaching and walks with Ju

Erti Suli Mission...

To hold spaces for people to explore who they are, to take risks, to learn, to grow and to discover inner reservoirs of inspiration, freedom and empowerment that will influence our lives and our communities for a more magnificent and sustainable future, for ourselves, our children and our children’s children.

Weavers of Wellbeing - walks for wisdom in wild and sacred places. Based in Devon

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