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Welcome to PositiviTree, the Positive Mental Health and Well Being Directory

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"What's going on in your head? Nobody needs to suffer. Take #TimetoTalk, use #Mindfulness or find something here that works for you."

Mike Henshall is a Mindfulness Coach & Advocate. He is a qualified life coach & Mental Health First Aider. He is also involved with Mind Over Mountains.


Based in Cheshire

Having suffered serious mental health issues himself Rob shares his experiences and what worked for him. He is also available for forest bathing sessions. 

Cheshire, Wales, Shropshire & will travel. 


Education at its' best with Meee! Based in Wales.

At heart, we all want the same things: to feel like we belong, to make a difference, to love, laugh and enjoy our work and life. Our programmes help everyone get closer to this essential truth. We draw on thinking from the worlds of branding, psychology, neuroscience, education and sociology, to help people of all ages and backgrounds find new meaning and direction.

Everyone deserves a change. Everyone has something to give. And everyone has what it takes to lead a creative, joyful, fulfilling life. To date, we’ve helped 20,000 people - and this is just the beginning.

Qualified Teacher with specialisms in art & counselling and over 20 years experience.

Workshops for Stress, relaxation, land & forest guide. Sound healing for positive connection to self and land. Forest Bathing. Connecting with trees. 

With a disability myself (Fibromyalgia) I appreciate the importance of good physical and mental health.

Cheshire. Available for workshops at events elsewhere such as festivals etc. 

Jacqui De Rose Art
solar_plexus_Jacqui do rose art.jpg

International artist, book illustrator and spiritual artist/medium. It is well known that even an image of nature can produce feelings of well being. That being the case this is the artist for you!

Peak District, UK and  exhibits across England and Wales.

Wild woodland coaching and walks with Ju
This Earth Gathering

There is a particular magic that happens when women meet and spend time together, as women have done since the beginning of time. For the world to be a better place women need to come together to get in touch with the ‘sacred feminine’ and to celebrate the particular way we love life, men, our children, the world and the universe at large.

This does not happen naturally in today’s society, so we need to consciously create such opportunities. This Earth Gathering provides a space for women who have an extraordinary story to tell and who have something to inspire others – and in particular younger women – so we can support each other in all the cycles of life.

This Earth Gathering encourages women to come together to experience and celebrate the magic of being with other women in a good way; a place where we can dream the future together; and, a place where we can dance and sing our dreams alive, as individuals and as a collective.

We are creating a welcome seat for all grandmothers of the world to come and sit with us, to share their wisdom and to remember the beauty we can create together to pass onto our children.

We are creating a community of people who want to explore their unique contribution to life. This community is also about creating ways of mutual support and empowerment through the inspiration from women of vision, including indigenous women from around the world.

This Earth Gathering is for women who:

Want to deepen their connection to this earth and the natural world.
Have a contribution to make to communities on this earth.
Have an interest in, curiosity or passion for this earth.
Wish to wake up and embrace this moment, the moment that billions of years of evolution have brought us to, with all its fantastic possibilities…

Weavers of Wellbeing is a small, ethical, low impact enterprise offering transition, business, trauma informed and community coaching, facilitation and events run by Julie Horsley

"My soul mission is to support people and organisations to reconnect with their own elemental bodies, their true gifts and highest expressions to be the best version of themselves they can be.  When this happens, people naturally and organically want to reconnect with the wider web of all life."

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