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A Glimpse of Wild Wonder

Is there space for wild wonder in todays’ modern world?

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Can we find the #wildness in ourselves amongst the houses and hustle bustle of day to day living? Walking in winter, a season that seems to last far longer than the others, we would be forgiven for thinking perhaps that we will have to wait until Spring for life giving splashes of colour and untamed #joy.

In an urban setting surrounded by houses and fences how can we, as creatures, stretch out in our wildness? Has all been tamed? Our wings clipped? Our fur, horn? Our paws, hooves and claws tethered?

Perhaps not.

Wild skies roam free overhead and the trees sing to the seasons as always. Bud tight in #Winter and flourishing with unfurled abandon in Summer.

The roads are tarmac and the fences high. The hedges neatly clipped, front gardens weeded, and every tile upon the roof neatly lined up and in place. Maybe, we secretly think to ourselves, that storm that upturned the bins, blew out fences and set off a few car alarms wasn’t so bad. How many times walking the same streets, the same footpaths, crossing the same thresholds have we wished for something a little less … tame?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of #modernliving and end up thinking life itself is the trap. It’s easy to feel nothing changes, its’ easy to feel there is no choice. In short, it is easy to feel there is not an ounce of wildness left: not within, not without.

Walking the neatly mown grass in a suburban setting does not immediately bring to mind wild wood nymphs tearing their clothes off with wild abandon, or some strange creature howling at the moon. And yet….

There they were:

Some old #trees in a line just this side of the fence between the neatly kept houses where you know perfectly well the neighbours all keep tabs on each other, measuring their worth by the cars they drive. Big trees showering crisp clean driveways with leaves in the autumn. A thought to make one smile.

Here, a line of trees of different sizes and shapes. A big sycamore and a twisty old hawthorn and an assortment of various others surrounded by untidy grass strewn with twigs…. And there! In joyous abandon, a splash of sunshine and #crocuses. Impossibly delicate, dancing in the breeze with outrageously deep golden centres of pollen beckoning bees. Their deep cups hiding beautiful big bright hearts saturated with colour. #sacredtrees and #sacredflowers our #ancient and #sacred connections with #MotherNature.

To witness this is to see a wild world blooming in ecstasy. Kneeling down witnessing this bright being is diving into beauty itself. Wonderment knowns no bounds.

Wildness is wonder.

Blessings Amanda Claire

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Beautiful article!

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