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Cerridwen and A Glimpse Of Wild Wonder

Wild Wisdom Soul Stories. Mythic connections inspired by my weekly #treeteaching. This week #Cerridwen has appeared in response to this weeks tree teaching. This Sunday will be a tree prayer and Tree blessing on this weeks theme of A Glimpse of Wild Wonder.

Cerridwen is a triple goddess of maiden, mother, crone who has stepped forward this week for our #wildwisdom #soulstory. She is associated with the moon inspiration, poetry, prophecy, shapeshifting and life and death.

Cerridwen had two children, one beautiful and one ugly. So that the ugly one would have something to call his own she made a magical brew that took a year and a day. Her assistant Gwion was tending to it when 3 drops splashed onto his hand. Licking the burn, he tasted the brew and instantly knew everything including the fact that Cerridwen would seek his death. This resulted in many shape shiftings by the two until finally Cerridwen as a hen swallowed Gwion as a grain of corn and he was born nine months later.

In our tree teaching of a Glimpse of Wild Wonder we saw crocuses with their deep cups full of gold. Is this cup of gold Cerridwens cauldron? That something so small should be so powerful should be of no surprise, since it is when Gwion becomes the grain of corn that Cerridwen swallows that he is then reborn as Taliesin the poet.

It is the attendant tending to the #cauldron daily that receives the #inspiration. What flowers can we tend that we might do the same? The trees, guardians of all the woodland plants, say something about standing true through all weathers sheltering the beauty. It is amongst their roots that the flowers bloom.

As I stood beneath the trees amidst the flowers, I looked up to see the bowl of the moon between the branches. Our #heart is the bowl where love lies. It is a magical bowl never emptying and never becoming full, there is always room for more #love.

In this ancient #shamanic story of #transformation we see two children a girl and a boy, representing beauty and ugliness, for this we might read positive and negative, life and death. What we learn is that even a #goddess cannot change the way of the world. It is only by humbly tending the bubbling pot of inspiration that we can hope to learn the #miracle of #life as it is. Gwion instructed to watch and tend the magical brew in the cauldron, is the one that receives the gift.

When we watch and tend the earth it is then we see #MotherNature's gifts. It is on those days if we are lucky, that we come across carpets of crocuses.

Blessings Amanda Claire

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