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Oak In May The Beauty In The Rain

Messages of beauty from the Oak in May time rain. See its shining beauty captured by members through image, poetry and video this month.

Rain drops on Oak Leaf by Amanda Gazidis. Ancient and Sacred Trees of Britain.
Bejewelled Oak by Artist Amanda Gazidis.

To an Oak Tree on a Wet May Day

Here we are again,

you half dressed and me

wrapped against the rain.

Time has been kind,

you have outgrown

your scars; your children

are scattered. I return each year, hoping to understand your message of stillness and your

whispering in the wind; a voice reassuring me you will always be here. If the day comes that I outlast you

you will continue to teach about being and giving without asking. Perhaps I will be half dressed

in the rain, listening.

Written by member Peter Hunter

Listen to the beautiful sound of rain on Oak leaves by member Michelle Evans. It is well worth listening to with headphones.

I hope you have enjoined the beauty of # trees in this sparkling glimpse of beauty, dancing rain drops and #oak leaves. It is a beautiful way to celebrate our #sacred connection with the #naturalworld.

Celebrating Beauty is an act of rebellion and Love the Revolution.

Blessings to you all.


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תגובה אחת

Beautiful sensory experience of words, images and sounds. Thank you x

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