Alternative Christmas Trees

Welcome to a bumper edition of #alternative #Christmastrees from AST members. Take a look at these ideas from twigs and logs to bicycle wheels! They offer up many solutions too, from space saving to pets, for those who are challenged by the traditional tree.

So, let's start with two of the main reasons people want an #alternativeChristmastree from AST member Carol-Ann Channing...

"We learned there really is no need to fell trees for the festive period. We don't like synthetic so in the past opted for the trees complete with roots. One year, one of our dogs, always on the lookout for mischief, reeked havoc, digging, scattering wet soil everywhere, the tree pretty much annihilated. The following year we opted for making our own eco friendly 'tree' from fallen branches and hemp. It hangs on the wall, well out of reach of our four legged mischief and rolls up, taking up very little room when not in use. We think looks very pretty, hope you do too. Xxx "

Christmas wall mounted tree
AST member Carol-Ann Channing

Below is a wall mounted tree by Lulu Roberts. She says she has been using this for three years.

Twig tree
AST member ©Lulu Roberts

Many AST members opt for a #handmade Christmas tree, and some even get theirs for free. Well, except maybe for the cost of a mince pie...

Chris Orton "I love this idea, for a #Yulelog. I've a gardener friend who, at this time of year, puts aside all sorts of trimmings from holly to fir tree for me... It costs me nothing (other than a few mince pies I've been known to bribe him with ;) ) and as I believe the original idea of Yuletide #greenery indoors was to give the Fae/Tree Divas/Nature Spirits a warm place to be safe fits my requirements nicely :)"

Yule log
AST member ©Chris Orton

Some members have other very important considerations, such as Rowena Reed. She said of her tree below, "Not the best photo but this is my twig tree. I’ve had it about 5 years. It isn’t real, it’s wire and covered in a tape type texture. I fold it each year and wrap it to keep it from being damaged. I also have three artificial trees, again years old and put in the loft out of the way. I bought those because I have a son who is in a wheelchair and he has been known to bring down a tree! A real one would be seriously heavy and hurt."

Christmas branch display
AST member ©Rowena Reed

Meanwhile some folks make do and mend ... Sophie Schneiderman "My other tree is a 30ft fir 🌲 in the garden that was a Christmas tree about 15 years ago.One year I didn't have a tree and built one with fire wood - the logs came from storm damaged trees at school where I work! 🎄"

Yule log christmas tree
AST member ©Sophie Schneiderman

A really clever and ingenious offering and the most unusual alternative Christmas tree I have ever seen comes from Tracey Lloyd. "Just did a little re"cycling" to make a tree with a difference... I think it'll look fun when it's decorated."

Bicycle Christmas Tree
AST member Tracy Lloyd

I love this incredibly pretty enchanted offering by Denise O'Neil "These branches from my garden have been used for four years. ...I have them all year with #fairylights n fake leaves. At Xmas I put frosted leaves on and decorations. 😊"

Christmas twigs
AST Member ©Denise O'Neil

For those of you that prefer a living tree, it doesn't have to be a fir. Samara Jacobs said "It's a silver birch from our garden. She will be going back out in the next few days to carry on her life outside!"

Meanwhile a really sweet #Christmastradition is offered up by Dawn Skipp. Fake trees can be consecrated and hung with wishes over the years. Every wish we made has come true.

christmas tree
AST member ©Dawn Skipp

#NewChristmastraditions appear to be a theme as Jon Johnson said "My new Xmas tradition, part tree, part Yule Log. Always a fallen branch."

christmas twigs
AST member ©Jon Johnson

For those of you with cats that love to cause mayhem with your tree, here is the answer! Jay Cerniglia, "I have Totally cat-proof."

Christmas twig display
AST member ©Jay Cerniglia

A pretty and striking centrepiece was created by Cheryl Chatham. "No tree for me, gathered some teasels and used decs I already had."

Christmas Teasel display
AST member Carol Chatham

Zoe Wheeler also prefers a living tree but uses her jade plant Chinese money tree.

Christmas Chinese money tree
AST member ©Zoe Wheeler

Not satisfied with just one tree? Cathy 'Best' PetermanI has a small artificial forest instead. "Only used 3 ornaments. Peace to you all."

Christmas trees
AST Member ©Cathy 'Best' Peterman

Liz Browning "I had this...the beech was lying on the ground all leafy ripped off her tree I found her on the winter solstice the 2 branches above are from my 2 favourite places this is always what I do or similar to just adorn a fallen branch with deer etc the vase is holding greenery I found on my solstice walk."

Christmas branches
AST member ©Liz Browning

Naturally enough twig trees are very popular and come in all shapes and sizes.

Twig Christmas Tree
AST member ©Lorraine Maria Dziarkowska

Wide trees can pose a problem for those living in small apartments so you could make one like this display made with narrow willow twigs from Lynn Wilson.

Willow twig christmas display
Ast Member ©Lynn Wilson

A pretty idea below of displaying a twig tree in front of tree themed wall paper. You could even cover a canvas with tree themed wall paper and hang that.

Twig Christmas Tree
From AST member © Bronach Rae

Another more unusual tree idea is again offered by Zoe Wheeler who also decorates her twisted hazel tree outside. "I also decorate a little potted contorted hazel outside my front door with crystals. ❄️"

Twisted Hazel Christmas Tree
Hazel Christmas Tree by AST member ©Zoe Wheeler

Finally, here are a couple more alternative Christmas tree ideas for you. These could be fun to make with the children. The one below is great way to learn about recycling, being creative and learning about traditional Christmas customs. Then on Twelfth Day they could open up the presents to celebrate the last day of Christmas. The last day of Christmas by the way is on January 6th and is the day after #TwelfthNight.

Present Christmas tree
Maglara /

Then there is this idea using recycled cardboard and you could make it any size you like.

Cardboard Christmas tree decoration
Africa Studio/

One final idea for you is making a tree from paper cones. The one below has a smart minimalist feel but you could make one with Christmas wrapping papers for a more folksy or crafty look, and of course you could tie it in with your overall colour scheme.

Paper cone Christmas Tree

So let's finish with a few more AST trees...

Andy Birnie said "My lovely girlfriend Nicola Goodall made this Christmas tree from a roll of sisal twine and a couple of birch branches. No need to buy a crappy little fir tree from a monoculture plantation. Use your native species first. 👍"