White-leaved Oak In Memoriam Help Us Plant a Living Legacy

White-leaved Oak In Memoriam Help Us Plant a Living Legacy

When Sirius, the Dog Star, brightest and noblest companion of Orion the Hunter, appeared to leap into the sun’s fiery disc, on July 5th, 2020, the White-leafed Oak on Ragged Stone Hill was devoured in a blaze of fire. We mourn the loss of such a beloved denizen: ashes to ashes. The White-leafed Oak stood at the center of the perpetual choirs- consorts arrayed so as to enchant Albion in the time of legends, according to an early Welsh triad. The Phoenix is a symbol of the Sun and is said to live 500 years; the White-leaved Oak stood five-centuries, also.

At the end of its life the Phoenix builds a funeral pyre and burns to ashes. It is said, the secret of immortality lies with the courage to enter that fire.

While the good shepherds of Eastnor Estate make plans for what’s to come, let’s make haste to honor the whole forest for which it stands, in memory of the perpetual choirs resounding in the mists beyond Time. The world has entered a time of Kairos, when divine immortal energies freely work upon the mundane world. So pay you heed to this clarion call to help plant a galaxy of trees, thereby interring the White-leafed Oak with honors. Swifter hands than these are already preparing the soil for the tree’s resurrection. Here’s how you can lend a hand. Give gleefully to: https://www.ancientandsacredtrees.org.

Yours in the Sacred Grove, “Treebard” aka Franklin LaVoie at Buffalo-Niagara 🌿🏞🌳💫🎶


With thanks for this article by Franklin.

Here is the link for the White Leaved Oak project:


More info on the tree planting soon!

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