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When The World Is Puddle Wonderful

Celebrating the great beauty of simple things, trees, puddles and #mindfulness reflecting the beauty of the moment. It is easy to forget joy when it is raining, particularly in holiday season. This season we are having monsoon weather and the world seems awash with water, so I thought I would share some members insights into puddle wonder.

In Just-

spring when the world is mud-

luscious the little

lame baloonman

whistles far and wee

and eddieandbill come

running from marbles and

piracies and it's

spring when the world is puddle-wonderful the quee

rold baloonman whistles far and wee

and bettyandisbel come dancing

from hop-scotch and jump-rope and




the goat-footed

baloonMan whistles


in Just-

by: e.e. cummings (1894-1962)

We can all take delight in #puddles. I particularly enjoy driving through them in my car, an old Subaru Forester. Some enjoy jumping in them, here is a heartwarming moment when a baby elk takes delight in doing what so many of us love ... splashing in a puddle :-)

Trees reflected in a puddle
©J.Philip Panton

Two Puddles Chatting - Hafiz

It rained during the night And two puddles formed in the dark And began chatting. One said,

"It is so nice to at last be upon this earth And to meet you as well,

But what will happen when The brilliant Sun comes And turns us back into spirit again?"

Dear ones, Enjoy the night as much as you can.

Why ever trouble your heart with flight, When you have just arrived And your body is so full of warm desires. And look:

So many meadows of soft hair are Planted upon you.

Why ever trouble yourself with God When He is so unjudging And kind

Unless you are blessed and live Near the circle of a Perfect One?

- Hafiz

Trees reflected in a lake, pool or puddle
On Reflection by ©Phil Derby

Oak tree reflected in a pool
Oak and Water gaze At Each Other. ©Amanda C Vesty

If you look deep into the puddles of your days' journey, you will see the real beauty of life.

Abstract tree art - Birch reflected in puddle
Birch Reflected in Muddy Puddle - ©Samantha Georgette

Our connection with #trees is sacred in the most personal way. They are ever reaching, growing and ever teaching, They bend with the wind yet remain firmly rooted. They unite the worlds of earth, sky and water.

Here you have seen a selection of responses to trees and puddles through #photography. #art, and #poetry. Something so simple yet very beautiful. If you like what you have seen here on this website feel free to join us, it is completely free. Take a look here for member benefits.

To help us continue this work I aim to grow #sacred communiTree celebrating personal connection with the world.

Blessings Amanda x


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