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What Is a Tree?

Welcome to the new year and I thought that celebrating what is a tree is a great way to start the next twelve months. One of my tree group members Susan Wade, posted this wonderful picture poem #whatisatree on our Facebook group newsfeed and I was keen to learn more about who created it ...

Rebecca Neal was a Conservation Youth Worker on the Peterborough Green Pathways project when she came up with the idea. This is a wonderful charity working to protect Britains’ amphibians.

“As a Green Pathways activity over the weekend I organised an overnight camp. Trees played a significant role in how well this went: we hugged them in a photo treasure hunt, balanced on them as part of a team challenge, climbed them, were shaded by them, and identified them using their leaves on a nature walk. I love trees, and I wanted to write something that reflected their importance to humans collectively and individually, to remind us of why we should look after them. They obviously also have a value in their own right.”

She created a #concretepoem, which is a piece of #creativewriting in which the shape is important to the theme of the writing.

Rebecca now works for West Cumbria Rivers Trust.

I love this artwork which is as useful as it is beautiful! #Treeswillsavetheplanet


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