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Vila: Wild Winds & Storms Overhead

Wild Wisdom Soul Stories

The story below is linked to the Tuesday #TreeTeaching Wild Winds and Storms Overhead

Archetypes and Trees. What we can learn by studying the stories and traditions of the Goddess archetype? What lessons we can weave into everyday living? These weekly readings are designed to accompany the Tuesday Tree Teachings and audio forest bathing mediations. On Sundays there will be a blessing tied in to the same theme for those who would like to take part in prayer, thanksgiving and benediction for a green and growing communiTree for people and planet.

Vila The Shape Shifter

So, this week we looked at storms overhead and the goddess archetype I have pulled out of my deck of cards is Vila, a consummate shapeshifter.

This time we move to Eastern Europe and home to the goddess in her protective form using arrows of death on those who trespass. The Vily (plural) if reached out to on a moonlit night, may grant health and wealth.

The storms overhead can rage blowing the roof off and ripping up trees and just as suddenly blow over bringing sun in its wake. As we have seen it is the trees who are flexible that last longest. Death is stiff and brittle. If we are to survive we must learn to shape shift, to bend with the wind just as trees do. We must also look to our priorities. What will be sacrificed if we refuse to be flexible? What will it cost us to remain resolutely unchanging in the face of circumstance?

We have seen what it costs the earth because of our refusal to adapt to the world around us. If we continue the environment won’t support us. Then Vila will quite literally fire her arrows of death. We can’t eat crops if the ground has been flooded or they have been flattened by storms.

However, we are given a clue. It says if we call to her on a moonlit night we may receive gifts. Pay attention to the cycles of the seasons and of life, and we will be able to harvest the corn. Just like the moon we too ebb and flow, sometimes no light shines at all and we are in the dark moon phase. Storms come, wind rages and darkness is all around. What do we do? Again, Vila says to become one with the world around you. Listen to the trees as they flex and bend. Feel the air, taste the season. And look and see, really see the world around you in its ever changing state. Vila the shapeshifter is change.

Blessings Amanda Claire x

I offer the #treeteachings, #wildwisdom #soulstories and this site for Free for people and #planet. If you think that everyone has a right to access nature and its wisdom for free you can conTreebute and ....

About these wild wisdom soul stories.

You take this as you wish as a mythic exploration, spiritual gift, positive psychological programming whatever … but I offer it to you in the hope that it will serve you some good purpose.

The tree teachings, #forestbathing #meditations and wild wisdom soul stories are not pre-planned, I don’t have the year ahead mapped out with neat little diagrams and to do lists and pre-prepared old last years’ materials. No ... these are the fresh green shoots of inspirations sent forth from the trees. I don’t care what your belief system is … in times of mass extinction, and #climatechange, my conviction is that if we connect personally with trees and nature this can only serve both us and the #earth well … I hope you agree.

Each being and story featured each week is of course a brief glimpse. If you feel drawn to a particular one you could study it in greater depth and pay homage to the culture within which it arose. ethical gift shop


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