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Two Trees

I just wanted to share with you these lovely words by AST member Natasha Clark. It is a graceful weaving of #medicine, #mythology and #ecology celebrating the Candlesnuff Fungus. Enjoy her words and lovely images by our AST members in what you might call a #forestbathing session online. :-)

"“A portion of your soul has been entwined with mine,A gentle kind of togetherness, while separately we stand.As two trees deeply rooted in separate plots of ground.”*

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I loved how this tiny Candlesnuff Fungus echoed the shape of the trees towering above and beside it. But this mirroring is founded on a much deeper connection than mere imitation.

Two Trees Candlesnuff fungus by Natasha Clark
Two Trees by AST member ©Natasha Clark

The beautifully branched Candlesnuff Fungus emerged from the decay of dying wood. Reborn, like a miniature faerie tree, from the mycelial #mythology of The #Forest’s wondrous story. Its frame echoed the #arboreal giants around it and it was as if the little fungus was reaching up to entwine its branches into the lacy network of limbs. Both connected in "a gentle kind of togetherness".

Candlesnuff fungi by Ancient and Sacred Trees member Ann Wilkinson
By AST member ©Ann Wilkinson

Connected above and below, two roots intertwined, by the unseen network of #mycelium of the #Woodland Wide Web.Xylaria hypoxylon are a species of saprobic fungi which often look like tiny black deer antlers. This specimen was also showing the spore covered white tips that lend the fungus its common name, as they are likened to a blown-out wick of a snuffed-out candle.

Candlesnuff fungus
By AST member ©Lorraine Pooley

Interestingly, just as trees have soothing effects on the mind, there is emerging evidence that this small fungus has #healing properties of its own. It contains a carbohydrate-binding protein, a lectin, which has the effect of being anti-viral and can be active against carcinoma tumours. It may be small but even tiny a fungi-tree can be mighty."

If you haven't come across Natasha before she can be found in our #Facebook group Britains' Ancient and Sacred Trees. She is well worth following.

When we are present and aware it is then that we notice the small things and see beauty all around. Forest bathing has been scientifically proven to aid health and #wellbeing. I am keen to improve our DirecTree by adding public forest bathing events so do get in touch if you have some you would like to share with our AST members.

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Amanda x

AST Founder, Tree Temple and Forest Bathing Guide.

Poetry Credit: 'Two Tree’s' by Janet Miles: Images of Women in Transition


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