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Tree Tours

I have been thinking about all those who can't get out to see the trees. So one thing I have just done is to put together a page of tree video tours by our members for you to enjoy. Have you ever wondered what the inside of an ancient yew looks like? Take a look at this short film below and take a peek into a magical world.

Here at our #UniversiTree you can learn about trees through our blog here and our video library provides opportunity to meet different types of trees such as this one...

We have members from all around the world who I know would love to see our #British #trees. Here is a short film of an English country garden from member Rachel Clyne's bedroom window. How lucky she is to have such a wonderful view!

There are also many members who can't get out because they are ill or have a disability so it is really important to me that everyone is able to reach out and connect with nature as much as possible. Our CommnuniTree is a valuable resource providing #vitaliTree to enable people to do that especially as nature has such a #healing presence.

For those stuck in offices or who are ill for example we can provide a virtual breath of fresh air.

We celebrate creativiTree and here Nature has inspired a musical piece from member Phil Barnett titled Dog Rose Dance Shrubstep!

I aim to build this upon video library with more footage. There are two sections, one for trees in the British Isles and one for trees abroad. There are various categories so you can meet a tree or walk through woodland for example.

Want to help? Take out your video camera and get filming and posting in our facebook group! :-) Let's share the Tree love and help people connect with trees and mother nature.

I hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse in to our world. Come and see us for more tree tours. You can join us for free!

Wishing you all a very happy day wherever you are.

Amanda x

PS Jack In The Green Ethical Gift Shop profits used to help trees www.jackinthegreen.orgWant a discount? Keep an eye out in our members newsletters.


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