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Tree Planting Time

So it’s tree planting season and I had this thought ...

Plant Pot Peril

You buy a little apple tree

To plant in your back garden

But alas it comes in a round black pot

And recyclable it’s not

Plant pots piled high are a sight to see

Oh mother nature we beg your pardon

Plastic pollution is now our lot

In the fields and amongst the trees

Oh makers of black plastic pots

They really are quite deadly

We want our gardens to be eco plots

So please make them eco friendly!

AC Vesty

Sketch of a tree in a broken pot by Amanda Vesty
This tree is escaping its' pot and finding its' way to earth.

Are you a keen gardener and have you thought about what happens to the mountain of plant pots left over from planting? Did you know that the vast majority are un-recyclable? My thought is that whenever you buy more plants, leave the pots behind at the supermarkets and garden centres where you bought them.

Some places do have collection points where you can leave them to be reused. There are some eco friendly alternatives too such as coir pots. Of course you can also buy bare root stock aswell.

What do you do with your pots? Who are your plant pot heroes? Comment below and tell us.

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Blessings from Amanda


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