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September Stories

We've been having a bumper #harvest of great #tree photos this month. Here's a just a few from members. First comes this set from Janis Martin when she visited this lovely #Oak.

On one day I was suffering a bad bout of #fibromyalgia when I managed, with help from a friend, to walk a little way into the woods when I saw this portal of light ...

Sunlight through the trees
Into My Church Portal Of Light by ©Amanda C Vesty

The sun streaming through these trees was such a moment of brilliance and beauty.

Member Phil Barnett shared with us the unexpected beauty of #birchtree leaves with this gorgeous mandala.

Birch leaves mandala
Birch Leaves by member ©Phil Barnett

So we have had the #September sun and now it's time to share the lovely #HarvestMoon shining through the delicate tracery of a conifer.

Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon by member ©Sharon Chambers

Of course no celebration of trees this month would be complete a truly ancient tree so here is an absolutely huge Sweet Chestnut I photographed near Chirk Castle. There is a whole story to go with this which I will share with you another time. I was with the wonderful Rob McBride #TreeHunter.

Ancient sweet chestnut
Ancient Sweet Chestnut at Chirk by ©Amanda C Vetsy

It's the time of year when fungi come into their and this beautiful shot by Dick is magical.

First Light at Hayton Woods by member and moderator ©Dick Coulthard

I'm always surprised by the sheer variety of posts and images we get in the group. If you have seen my previous article about tattoos you will see the range of content is very varied!

Do you have a story to share? Get in touch, this is a #community website by members for members.

Courting Beauty is Rebellion and Love the Revolution.

You can write on any subject to do with trees and from anywhere in the world. Just take a look at the categories we cover at the top to get an idea.

PositiviTree for CommuniTree is our mission.

This is what has inspired our PlanetTreeSOS campaign launching 1st October 2019.

Join us and make a difference!


Amanda Claire x


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