Written On The Body

What is your relationship with nature? Is it skin deep or is it written on your body and soul? In AST we celebrate all connections and connections with trees. One such connection inspired one of our groups most popular posts inspiring hundreds of comments and others to share their own connection too. Read on to find out more…

We have a lovely and thriving communiTree here at #AncientandSacredTrees. It is one where members feel connected to each other and share many aspects of their connections with trees from the universal to the personal.

How would you celebrate your union with a loved one? How do you celebrate your connection with #trees? When Terese Patmore posted I don’t think she was quite expecting the reaction she got to her post which provoked over 200 comments, discussions and a lot of good wishes. Here is what she said and the photograph she posted...

My name is Teresa (treesa xxx) - I hope you don't mind me sharing my Tree of my life xxx I get married on the 14th of September- the t n s is me and my Simon and each swallow is a bridesmaid xxx blessed be x

How does love express itself? Does it go skin deep or does it arise from within to appear on the surface?

#Tattoos have now become mainstream with endless subjects to present individuals they are written upon. The #TreeOdLife as a subject remains enduringly popular and in these times of environmental crisis may explain the need for many to express their connection with nature in such a personal way.

"I am proud to carry a tree with me always" said Jacquleine Atrill.

Tree tattoo
Tree Of Life Jacqueline Attril

The Tree Of Life, could there be any more potent symbol in these times?

Trish Collins "This is my Tree io Life which I then had made into my business logo. I had it done for my 50th birthday...there's a 5 and a 0 in there."

Tree of Life at 50 -Trish Collins

Amy Louise "This is my tree. It’s a Hawthorn in berry and in flower. (Artistic license there)"

Amy Louse - Hawthorn

Other members shared their tattoos too, here are some more ...