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Rooted Soul Reckoning Part 1 - A Years’ Beginning. Teaching With Trees

Rooted Soul Reckoning Part 1 Tree Teaching

This is my first ever recording, I hope you enjoy it. :-) For more info, pics, video and quotes see below video ...

Teaching With Trees - The old year is ended and now is a good time to turn to the trees. Now is the time to Reassess, Retune, #Remember and Relocate. How to do this? Turn towards the #treeteachers.

Leaves fallen stories

My rooted soul reckoning

Letting go old loss

The World slows down and we return inside. What if there were another way of returning? Not just to the insides of our houses away from the cold, but inside our psyche. What if we could to return to a place even deeper than that? What if we remembered an old interior returning we have forgotten about?

"I love spending time in their wisdom and listening to what they have to say." AST member Abee Martin

Amanda C Vesty with Ancient Yew Tree
Me, at the foot of an ancient Yew. With thanks to ancient tree specialist AST member ©Rob McBride Tree Hunter.

In the soil beneath our feet is growth. Roots whispering in their aliveness, making threads in the earth, alive and extending, ever reaching. In dormancy is dreaming. You may not see it but in deep #Winter bulbs are growing fat sending out roots ready for spring, ready to break open the earth with their green spears.

#Trees knuckle down for Winters cold and remember their roots. They anchor themselves against storms, they take in the #blessings of the good #earth. The red thread of life is a relationship between roots and mycelium. Trees preserve themselves. They have shed their leaves and dropped their seeds and now they root themselves ever deeper into the ground.

"They are the greatest friends of humanity" AST member Sue Smith

Tree roots
Tenacious Roots by AST member ©J Plillip Panton

At this time of year, we tend to stay indoors and gather together family and friends. That too is a way of tending roots and also of establishing new ones. Some of us of course don’t have ‘family’ in a traditional sense but we have our friendship networks and those are very much like the root networks of the #trees as they communicate with each other and tend to, and feed each other.

There are however other layers of root tending and root growing and they are ones that are very much forgotten about by most …

This coming year we will explore ways of tending our roots, ways of Reassessing, Retuning, Remembering and Relocating.

"Trees nature is everything to me ' to escape from busy life, to freshness, freedom, reconnection with oneself and everyone" AST member Inesa Norvilyte

Roots and Leaves - The Tree Teachers – A Forest Bathing Exercise

‘Roots - Networks - Communications - Lessons - Teachings - Stories’

AST member © Claire Elizabeth Bowe Roots at Llangywer

Before you start.

Be aware that your session starts the moment you make that intention to “do it now”… In making your commitment to do this exercise you are giving yourself permission to rest from the incessant demands of the day. This is the big secret that often you will hear very little about elsewhere. In making this commitment you are creating a link between conscious and subconscious, a safe and gentle bridge of communication between the two. It is this bridge that really helps to embed health and well-being exercises like the one above.

Housebound or bed-bound

Make the commitment to allow no disturbance for half an hour. Prepare your space. If you are in bed, plump up your pillows, straighten your sheets. Ask others not to disturb you. Tell them you will reach out when you are ready.

Recall what Root, Rooted, and Leaves, mean to you to you. Write all your words down as they come to you. Allow that word hoard to sit in your heart.

We have some lovely videos, here is one for you to watch. Once the video is over, imagine yourself leaning against one of the trees and follow the instructions below.

"Hello tree lovers, My mum is an amputee and wheelchair bound. Basically she cant get up close and personal with the Ents as much as she wants to, which is why this group is fabulous. So sometimes I make little videos to try and bring a bit of the forest to her.

Here's one from this morning. The quality is not great. But for all the folks with disabilities who cant get out and about as much as they want, the forest says hello." AST Member Jasmine Nikkitta


Close your office door in lunch break. Switching off your phone. Tidying your desk before you start. This is the mental preparation needed to make the most of the exercise.

Then watch my Rooted Soul video


You don’t have to slavishly remember every single detail of the following #forestbathing #ecotherapy #natureconnection exercise. The secret is in the intention. As soon as you make the intention to do it that is when the ‘magic’ starts to happen.

When you go back inside (or have finished your interior #forestbathing session) you may like to sit again and allow more words to spill out on paper. It might just be a list, it might be more poetic. Don’t judge, let it happen. You could do this every time you connect with trees and nature, and this too will become treasure and an act of remembering and honouring the world you inhabit and are a part of.

In my Solstice article I speak more about human struggles and the season of cold dark nights and you can read it here and why it's important we reconnect with trees.

This is end of part 1 of #Rooted #Soul #Reckoning. This time we have looked at how to see our #stories of the past year as leaves, and how to let them go. Some of course will regrow as fresh new growth but others will rot into a rich hummus that will feed our roots.

Next time we will look at rooting ourselves, recognising our roots and how to expand these as new intentions using our Tree Teachers as guides.

Those of you who have signed up to the newsletter will find an extra offering in there each time so be sure to open yours for the lovely pictures, quotes and more.

Want to join us? Our AST membership is free and always will be.

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Amanda Claire x

PS Feel free to share with acknowledgment (Amanda Claire Vesty) and provide a link to AST. Thank you. x


Amanda C Vesty
Amanda C Vesty
Jan 08, 2020

Dear Meg thank you so much for your kind comment. I have just released part 2 and the extras in the newsletter have been sent out too :-) x


Thank you so much for the beautiful words and pictures. They are an inspiration. Xx

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