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On The Path Tree Blessings and Prayers

Tree Prayer

Oh let our path wander towards beauty and vision and the wisdom that comes with these. Let our paths teach us the value of the journey as well as the destination. May we have the eyes to see those we meet on our path be they human or otherwise and the openness to accept whatever wisdom they have to gift us.

These interfaith prayers and blessings celebrate our sacred connection with nature and the living miracle of our planet Earth. You are free to add the name of your god/dess as appropriate and to add with greetings and endings as you wish for example ending with Amen or Blessed Be etc etc.
During the #coronavirus #covid19 AST will continue to focus on positiviTree for all inspired by #trees and #nature. We are a green and growing CommuniTree and together we are a forest of love and friendship. You can join us for free here on this website. Soon you will be able to make a prayer or blessing while planting a tree via this site. Subscribe to stay in touch.

Eurynome Blessings

Blessings on Eurynome, Great Goddess of all; Creatrix of the universe; Queen of the Circling Universe; Ruler of Heaven, Earth, and Sea. Blessings on She Who is the Visible Moon. Blessings on the one whom some say is a dragoness, with your sensual curves and dancing ways, who trips the light fantastic, dividing darkness from light giving form to experience. We honour you Ancient One who lived in the mountains, who came down to where the great rivers meet. You, who they say, was half woman half fish or serpent. You of Wild Arcadia, the land of the bears the one whom the pilgrims toiled to pay homage to. You of the golden chains. Those Olympians may have tried to recast you, to cast you in to the sea, but we see you standing there oh ancient one, the One, Of The Stars, The Moon and All of Creation. The one who

Tree Blessings

Blessings on the slender birch, the dappled light, the one who dances with the wind, the one who glows with an inner radiance, the one who shelters another under her tender boughs. Thank you your humble presence on the path inspiring others to stop a while and pause from the human busyness of life. Blessings on the May Thorn who stands with you in an abundance blossom and scent. Blessings on all the trees on the pathways, trackways, road ways and motorways bringing peaceful green visions to travellers. We thank you for your presence.


Amanda Claire x

Love and Gratitude
Prayers and blessings are a way of creating greater #awareness both in ourselves and also of the world around us. They can be used as a positive #gratitude practice in a world that so often has no time for anything but endless rush and endless consumption. With #climatechange and the current destruction in the #environment taking place, we can all see perfectly well where this attitude is taking us and our fellow beings. Our disregard for #nature and the beings we share our home with have created the #covid19 #virus #pandemic. A brief prayer or blessing even of just a minute can be a tool used for good #mentalhealth through developing #selfawareness, to reconnect us with #life and our surroundings and to change our perspective of the #naturalworld and our place within it.


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