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On The Cutting Edge at Cubbington Woods

This moving article on the plight of Cubbington Woods is by AST member Rob Darlison. Coming to you from the Cubbington Wood Protection Camp campaigning against HS2.

Cubbington Bluebell woods
The Cubbington Bluebells are a Classic Ancient Wood indicator. These are at Welsh Road and are also due to be bulldozed

"Death Sentence. That's what the numbers on these trees spell. PLEASE SHARE THIS.

Our village, #Harbury, has chosen money over ancient woodland. HS2 grants to keep us quiet. Bungs. Hush money. Who cares hey... #Cubbington woods are miles away. So is the Amazon ... Who cares?

CEF grants are designed to appeal to human nature's tendency to look the other way if there's a benefit to do so. #HS2 will kid you that it's compensation for disruption. That is BS! HS2 don't give a damn if you've been inconvenienced. They want your silence, that's it.

How about we do the honourable thing and hand this dirty money back and fight for these woods, and the other 107 ancient woods that HS2 is going to murder?

Cubbington woods protests
For a fist full of dollars .... Protestors say "They can keep their filthy blood money.""

Take your children and grandchildren for a walk around Cubbington woods and tell them it's ok to kill it all. For a train we don't want or need.

Before anyone says I'd do the same if the money was on the table..... We had to relocate our business because of HS2, and we rejected the invitation of compensation. They can keep their filthy blood money."

Introduced by the last Labour government but funded by taxpayers, the costs have spiralled and calls are mounting to abandon the project.

Meanwhile the Woodland Trust have said that HS2 is acting with "reckless haste".

#AncientAndSacredTrees members Mark Keir, Scarah Snooks, Charlotte Griffin, Barbara Twizz-Moulton have all posted repeatedly about #Cubbingtonwoods in the AST British Facebook group - Britains' Ancient and Sacred Trees.

As you know we at AST focus on PosiviTree so what #positive #action can we take?

If you would like to know more you can take a look here: You can fill in the WT petition above.

AST member Chris Bradley made this out-of-the-box suggestion, "Paint numbers on every tree, hundreds of them. It will not be possible to distinguish and they may well call it off."

Do YOU have any ideas or thoughts about HS2 and the campaign to stop it?

There are many questions to be considered such as ....

Where are the creatures of Cubbington wood meant to live once it is gone?

HS2 Cubbington Camp
As the Autumn Rolls Into Winter the Cubbington Protection Camp Anti HS2 Campaigners facing Freezing Conditions

If this is not a question you wish to consider then take a look at the above site where compelling arguments are put forward for halting #HS2. These include business and financial reasons as well as environmental.

Just 2.4% of the UK land mass has ancient woodland left. They contain the most diverse range of habitat in the UK and they are home to more threatened species than any other. They host fungi and flora and fauna networks. Many species insects, birds and mammals rely on ancient woodlands.

107 Ancient Woodlands are to be destroyed by HS2. Is all this worth sacrificing for a journey saving 30 minutes?

Do you have an issue you are passionate about? Do you need support for a campaign or petition, submit an article via our contact page and it will be shared here and on social media.

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