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Nut and The Lightning


So, it is Nut, pronounced Noot, whose #wildwisdomsoulstory appears for this #treeteaching of sky gods, presence and enlightenment. Nut also known as Nueth, Newet, or Nuit. The sun God Ra had her and her brother Geb prised apart. And so Earth lies with Sky arched overhead.

Nut the cosmos, arching overhead, far above and painted inside the lids of sarcophagi. She is the Milky Way, pathway of the dead. She is the lightening arcing from one side to the other.

Here she is, the great dark vault of the night sky, the Great Cosmos, the Great Mystery. The clouds rumbled and lightening shot out in all directions and there was nothing, not a thing any human could do but look on in wonder and awe. It is Nut that reminds us how small we are.

Just when we think we have all things nicely labelled, all under control, she comes to remind us that life is anything but. The trees stood tall, their presence embodying pure being. That was the tree teaching for humans. That there are times for just standing still and standing quiet. Being and witnessing. Being a vessel for the awe that fills us, inspires us, and moves us to a life far out beyond our own small imaginings.

Small humans stood in their gardens looking up at the sky. The Thunder Beings could wash us all away and burn down our houses if they had a mind to. Meanwhile the trees stood silent and Owl perched in their sheltering arms. Owl was the only one who sang out alongside the mighty gods.

Owl, bird of the night, held in the arms of the trees, called to this goddess made of stars and sky and clouds and vastness and beingness and endlessness. We humans could only watch and wonder. We humans stopped all our doings and business and became witness. Nut comes and tells us no matter what thoughts and deeds may come upon us we are as naught compared to earth and sky and the great dance between.

She stands between creation and chaos. She who gives birth to gods, the Star Clad One arching overhead.

She teaches us that when we observe what is around us rather than seeking to grasp and possess the experience, instead relinquish control and become witness instead. She and the trees speak of embodiment and of knowing there are things beyond heaven and earth that humans can only dream about.


Amanda Claire


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