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Magical Mandalas

Beautiful mandalas created from autumn leaves by AST members.

#Autumn in the UK is a particularly colourful one this year with the leaves painting many colours across the sky. Our #AncientandSacredTrees members have been making #art of their own creating stunning #mandalas using the fallen #leaves. Wether made as art, healing, mindfulness or as an offering, these mandalas are both beautiful and inspiring.

leaf mandala by Zeynep Gurtin
By AST member Zeynep Gurtin

Kate Walton said about her mandala, "As the Autumn leaves fall from the trees, their beauty lives on."

Leaf Mandala
By AST member Kate Walton

Below is a lovely and unusual mandala incorporating crystals Chris Orton. She said

"Does anyone else "play" with Autumn leaves? This was my "leaf mandala" ( before my cats played with it ;)) "

Leaf and Crystal Mandala
By AST member Chris Orton

We can't help but be fascinated by the falling leaves of autumn them seem to bring us endless joy wether creating beautiful art or simply running through piles of them. Children and adults alike love to play. In these 'time poor' times they are a wonderful reminder to #taketimeout be #fullypresent and immerse ourselves in the #presentmoment.

Leaf Mandala by Natasha Clark
By AST member Natasha Clark

Christine Irving was in the Bluebell Woods, Morpeth Northumberland.

"These ancient woods are usually a mass with Bluebells in the Spring, hence its name but right now they are a sanctuary of #peace, #tranquility, and #reflection as Mother Nature beds down to replenish her energy for the next stage in the circle of life. I had to create my Mandala whilst there of course. Hope you enjoy the photo."

Leaf Mandala
By AST member Christine Irving

You don't have to create a #mandala using different kinds of leaves. Here is a stunning one using all of the same Maple variety that just looks simply stunning. Here we can see #MotherNature painting leaves with her autumn colours. Jan Cooper said of her #creation, "Went out to play mandalas with the leaves, as if I've nothing better to do! This was last week, now all are scattered!"

Leaf mandala by Jan Cooper
By AST member Jan Cooper

Mandalas are not only lovely to look at but a beautiful #mindfulness practice. Anyone can be an #artist, the materials are free. You can create them in any situation, on the ground, on a stone or log like the one below and you can even create them indoors.

Leaf and flower mandala
By AST member Vanessa Becker Hughes

For those people who can't get outside through #illness or #disability, creating mandalas with leaves can be a way to help them #connectwithnature. It's a fun activity for children to collect leaves to give a loved one who is housebound and then create art with them. With a large tray you could even do this in bed and then leave the tray by the bedside to be appreciated.

dogwood mandala by Fiona French
Dogwood by AST member Fiona French

As we descend into darkness we are reminded by the #trees that beauty and the wonder of nature is ever present.

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Amanda x

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