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Flowers At Your Feet Tree Prayers and Blessings

Tree Prayer

May we humans learn to respect the wisdom of Standing Nation, the Tall People, those who are the guardians of the earth. May we learn what it is to live lives that beget more life instead of death. May we honour the cycles of the ecosystem we inhabit that we too may learn to cultivate our surroundings like the trees do. May we too learn to cultivate blooms at our feet. May human hearts open up just like flowers that they may learn to treasure the flowers within and without.

Sedna Blessing

Oh Great Sea Goddess let me comb your hair with my words. You who sit at the bottom of the ocean, we see you are friend to the fishes, soulmate to the seals, wedded to the whales. You who has traversed the worlds of air and whose home is in the sea deep, may you sit undisturbed by storm waves and busy boats. Blessings on the corals, the shrimps, sponges and sea bream. Blessings on the seals, walrus, whales, dolphins and countless others too many to name. Blessings on you whose ocean brings us rain to water dry lands so that trees might grow and flowers might bloom. Though we humans live far away from your realm we honour who you are and the gifts you bring us even though some live far inland, we see you in the beauty that surrounds us.

Tree Blessings

Blessings on the trees. The tall ones who dressed in their robes of green stand on carpets of many colours. Let their roots stand firm, their trunks, tall and may their love for the land continue to bloom as many hundreds and thousands of flowers. Bless the wood Anemones, Wild Garlic, Stitchwort, Red Campion, Archangel, Cow Parsley and of course, Heavenly Bluebells. Bless the tall and graceful ones, those who live in the damp and those who live in the sun, those who live creeping along the earth and those beside the babbling brook. May those who have not been named know that they are remembered also. May when winter comes be held safe in the ground that they may return once more when spring comes. May they continue to turn their faces to the sun, may they continue to sing their joys in many colours, may they continue to seed among the trees and hedgerows. May they be regarded as the living jewels they truly are, in the crown of Mother Earth.


Amanda Claire x


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