EARTH DAY 2020 by John Dalziel

(© aclJohn)

I’ve produced the following images to enhance the 16 blog posts that I’ve posted on the #AncientandSacredTrees website blog

#Woodlands & #Forests, have played a big part throughout my life, from my birth on a West Suffolk Farm (part of Lord Bristol’s Estate) through to my current retirement here in the North West of the UK.

Enjoying nature is the most wonderful feeling! As Sahir Hussain said…

It feels like someone whom I can never meet, listening to something I can never say!”

“Nature” – I’m at home among the trees, where Nature has music for those who listen. What’s not to like? ©John Dalziel

My posts have included the woodlands and forests along with nature that completes these wonderful environments.

My posts and the images connected with them…

The Celtic Tree Calendar

I’ve posted about the Celtic Tree Calendar, a Calendar with thirteen lunar divisions. These posts include the “Reed or Wheat-straw Moon, Elder Moon, Birch Moon, Rowan Moon and Ash Moon".

“Celtic Tree Calendar” – just 6 of the images (as a collage) I’ve created for these posts. ©John Dalziel

The Day of Creation

The Celtic Tree Calendar consists of... 13 months, each 28 days long, following the lunar cycle and one extra day representing the 23rd December, the ‘Day of Creation’.

“The Day of Creation” – the extra day for the Celtic Tree Calendar ©John Dalziel

The Spring or Vernal Equinox or Ostara.

Celebrating the renewed life of the #earth that comes with the #Spring.

“There is no Planet “B”” – this image has six footprints; can you find them? Can you identify the animals that produced them? ©John Dalziel

International Day Of Forests.

“#IntlForestDay” – Celebrating & Raising Awareness of all types of forests and trees outside forests. ©John Dalziel

Woodland & Forest Birds

Woodland and forest #birds here in the #UK - Looking at our April Visitors.

Two collages…

·Some Owls and a Willow Warbler

Owls and a Willow Warbler ©John Dalziel
Sedge Warbler, Dotterel and redstart – Celebrating & Raising Awareness of birds that visit our Forests & Woodlands in April. ©John Dalziel

Specific Trees & Plants

UK Trees & Plants – Raising Awareness of plants & trees that grow in our Forests & Woodlands. ©John Dalziel

Our Environment

UK Trees & Plants – Raising Awareness of plants & trees that grow in our Forests & Woodlands. ©John Dalziel
Protecting Our Environment –Raising Awareness of Climate Grief and Global Warming. ©John Dalziel

The Sacred Side

The Sacred Side of Woodlands & Forests –Raising Awareness of man’s beliefs when it’s part of our Forests & Woodlands. ©John Dalziel


The Alder Moon – a balance between male & female – March 18th to April 14th

With declining woodland & Forests, protecting woodland #habitats is more important than ever, from their lush canopies to the leaf litter below.

Alder Moon – information about this moon cycle & the Common Alder – Alnus glutino.©John Dalziel

That’s all for today…

More images and information about the items mentioned in this post, can be found in my individual blog posts on the Ancient and Sacred Trees website.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my post…


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