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Changing Frames Tree Prayers and Blessings

Tree Prayers and Blessings for our 'Changing Frames of Reference' Tree Teaching and Wild Wisdom Soul Story.

Tree Blessings

Blessings on the trees whose ever moving leaves and branches through the seasons teach us that life is ever changing. They teach us our frames of reference are lightly held. In their flexible and changing forms they enable us to see through them ever the changing scenes of life and experience. Blessings on the trees for the insights gifted to us so that we might tread lightly upon this earth.


Blessings! Oh Lady of the Sycamore whose deep earth wisdom holds dear all life. Blessings! Oh Lady of the Sky, Ruler of the Heavens whose all-seeing nature oversees the care of all those sheltered beneath her wings. Your husband was dismembered, taken apart in death yet you reassembled him in love gifting him wisdom in service of heaven and earth. Shining the gold of the sun into deep darkness you birthed life from death.

Tree prayers

Oh Standing Ones, you who hold up the sky, may we learn to weave the wisdom of air and earth, light and dark, our life experiences, into wisdom that may give birth to new life. May we be flexible in our changing frames of reference, shedding new light onto old words and deeds that may give wing to new visions of love and care for nature and each other as creatures of this earth. May we learn to bend and sway, lift and dance as branch and leaf do, framing our experiences with a wider view as a bird on the wing. May we humans see beyond our own sufferings to the beauty of earth and sky. May our changing frames of reference give us new and better understanding of the world we gaze upon.


Amanda Claire

You can send someone a blessing with a personalised tree Ecard that plants trees.


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