A September Walk

Do you walk On the Land? Or with the Land?

This is something I talk about a lot ... There is a way of walking that is not just about the destination but about the journey taken also, the things we see and experience along the way. But it is more than that ... yes we experience the landscape ... but does it experience us? What or who sees us as we pass by and what accompanies us on the way? The land is ever present, the sky is ever present and some talk about God or Gods ... whatever our beliefs ....

What does it mean to be alive and fully present?

The photos I am sharing here are a landscape I know intimately, I grew up with it and have walked it many times. I never tire of its beauty, the things it shows me and teaches me. Bella and me had such a lovely time. We sat under a lovely old Oak and I played my jaw harp to the land and the creatures as a kind of offering with thanks for the miracle of life.

I hope you enjoy this glimpse of a beautiful September day and the land it shone upon...

What do you see?

What is this?

What Company Do You Keep?

Who do you meet?

What do you Feel?

Where are you?