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The Wonder of Woodland Bats...

Many of us venture out in the evening to experience the wonder of bats in their natural environment.

Today's post looks at the 17 species of bat here in the UK plus the Greater mouse-eared bat (Myotis myotis) which was officially declared extinct in 1990, but a solitary individual has been hibernating in southern England since 2002.

This post/video, takes a closer look at the Bechstein's bat

Why that particular bat?

Well it's found almost exclusively in woodlands, it roost in old woodpecker holes or tree crevices and is one of our rarest bats.

They're only found in parts of Southern Wales and Southern England

The images used in the video clip below are drawn and coloured by yours truly. I hope you enjoy the information within the video clip and the images I've included.

Images used in Video Clip...




...and last of all...

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Learn something new every day! Love the illustrations :-)

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