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The Lightening Strike

Tree Teaching of Inspiration and Enlightenment

The sky cracked open to reveal blinding flashes of light from the Other World. Clouds splitting and reforming, only to split again as the light released its brilliance in the darkness. The trees, the Oaks and Sycamores stood beneath at once in shadow and brilliant lit every leaf thrown into sharp relief. The lightening came from all directions. I had never seen anything like it. Multi coloured lightning flashes painted the sky just as the sun whispered its' last.

Pink, orange, blue, green, yellow and white.

The conifers, willows, cherrys and lilacs stood in their gardens much lower than their Oak and sycamore cousins and were perfectly still as the clouds roiled and rolled above. We stood, our faces raised to the heavens in wonderment, first in one direction and then the other. Turning around and around. “Look!” I could hear neighbours out in their gardens exclaiming then were silent. So remarkable was this storm that others were stood watching it also.

Everywhere, in all directions, the lightening flashed. There was no rain, no wind, just clouds and flashes and great chest vibrating guttural rumbles as gods spoke from on high. On the ground all was still.

Those great trees, the Oaks and Sycamores that towered above the gardens said nothing but stood still and silent. Then …

And then a Tawny owl screamed Owwweeee Arrrch! It called and called and called in this same way. The EeeeeE! Eeeee! over and over. Then finally, ToooWitTooWooooooo then a series of warbling calls. Tawny called across the gardens in the dark and the light.

The sky continued to growl and flash.

It went on and on and on. In all directions, North , South, East and West and directly up above. There was nowhere else to be. I stood my face tilted to the light flashing in the warm dark and watched encompassed by the apocalyptic beauty beyond, ethereal and otherworldly.

I sat outside for hours, until the last window had gone dark, until the last flash, until the rain came. Great big warm drops of water splashed on my face, and then a wall of water. A great release. Every part of me washed clean.

There are times for thinking and doing and there are times for just doing nothing but witnessing. To witness something so far beyond the power of mankind is to be given a kind of calling into the deeper world, into the cosmos of which humans are just at the tip of the tree of existence, the teeniest emanation. We are small. We are small like atoms. We are small and fleeting. One minute there, and one minute gone.

The trees stood tall and still and silent. There are times in life when humans need to be as trees and do just that.

If we all witnessed this wonder there would be no war.


Amanda Claire


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