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Ruis (pronounced roo-esh) (Ruler of the 13th Lunar Month) - Elder Moon: November 24 - December 23

Powers: Protection, Healing, Wisdom, Prosperity, Sleep, Blessings

The winter solstice has passed and the Elder moon celebrates a time of endings.

Elder is very common sight in…

• waste ground,

• hedgerows and

• scrubby woodland

Although the Elder can be damaged easily, it recovers quickly and springs back to life, reflecting the approach of a New Year.

This lunar month, of the #ElderMoon, is a good time for workings related to…

creativity and renewal.

beginnings and endings,

births and deaths, and


Traditionally, substantial protection is provided for our homes by having a Rowan tree towards the front door and an Elder near the back door.

Elders grow best in slightly damp, fertile but neutral soil which is disturbed – they’re often found…

• by roadsides and

• along banks where there are rabbits, badgers and foxes and

• in cemeteries.

Wherever Elders grow, the space is considered to be sacred as it is protected by the Elder Mother.

Elders are also said to protect us against demons and other negative entities and have one of the strongest reputations for fairy and witch superstitions and magical protection of all the Ogham trees.

Elders can grow to about 30ft, but to attain this rare size it needs plenty of light.

Added Bonus…

Elderflower Cordial, Elderflower Wine and Elderberry Wine are wonderful drinks.

When the weather turns cold during and after Ruis (the Elder Moon), and you find yourself in front of a fire with friends and food, the Elderberry Wine is a wonderful drink to share!

NOTE:- there are lots of recipes available on the internet for you to “give it a try”

This years Sloe Gin


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